by Ashley Laurel Wilson

IT Executives to Vendors: Deliver on Promises, Support Us

Jul 09, 20082 mins

CIO's 2008 Vendor Scorecard Survey finds IT leaders want technology vendors to keep their word, both during and after the sale.

Two out of three respondents in CIO’s “Vendor Scorecard Survey” say that delivering on promises is the most critical attribute they look for when it comes to choosing and remaining with an IT vendor. Another 58 percent of 704 respondents say they believe that ongoing support from a vendor after that vendor implements its products and services is most essential to their loyalty.


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Fewer than 36 percent of respondents report that timeliness of deliveries is critical.

The study surveyed the CIO audience in three ways: e-mailed invitations, promotions by select e-newsletters and communication with the CIO Peer2Peer research panel. There were 704 respondents participating from March 12, 2008 and April 11, 2008. Over 65 percent of respondents were Senior IT management and 54 percent of respondents were from large companies with more than 1,000 employees, and they represented an assortment of industries—government, finance/banking/accounting, non-computer related manufacturing, education/nonprofit, business services/consultant, healthcare services/pharmaceutical/biotech and non-computer wholesaler/retailer/distributor.

Q.1: Regarding technology vendors, which of the following attributes do you consider critical when it comes to retaining your business/customer loyalty? (Select top 3 only)

Base: Involved in purchase decision in at least one category

Total: 704
Total Base
Delivers on promises 67.3% 474
Ongoing support after the sale and implementation 58.2% 410
Level of service 43.3% 305
Understands our business 42.5% 299
Delivers on time 35.5% 250
Insight on technology directions 17.5% 123
Sets realistic deadlines 14.3% 101
Advanced notice on product/service changes 11.1% 78

Respondents assessed vendors in up to five categories, and identified the vendors with whom they had contact—vendors purchased in the past 12 months, vendors considered for purchase in the next 12 months or vendors currently being used.