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Deadline for PCI Compliance Is Now

Jun 26, 20084 mins
IT Strategy

These tips can help you make sure you are PCI compliant and tell you what it may cost your company if you aren't. and team together to bring you the most pertinent information on PCI compliance. Whether you think you’re already in compliance or you’re in complete denial of the June 30, 2008 deadline, these tips can help you make sure you are compliant and tell you what it may cost your company if you aren’t.

FUD Watch: Vendor Hype Escalates Over PCI Deadline

Monday is the day merchants must be in compliance with PCI DSS Requirement 6.6. That means the security vendor PR machine is in overdrive.

PCI Is Security Simplicity, Not Complexity

Payment card industry data security: the standard that makes people stupid.

All About the PCI Data Security Standard

More than just another data-security standard, the PCI program is corporate America’s most ambitious effort yet to prove that it can self-regulate. But even a standard with everything going for it might not be enough to stop the loss of credit card data.

A Guide to Practical PCI Compliance

Myriad merchants find themselves at the end of the PCI compliance barrel and are spending significant amounts of time, money and effort in achieving PCI compliance. Advice from companies that have been there can help smooth your path.

Acceptance Growing for PCI Security Standard

PCI chief says the PCI DSS security requirements have gained considerable momentum in the US and globally.

PCI: Smart or Stupid?

The data security standard isn’t as complex as some would have you believe.

PCI Standards Body Moves Ahead on Payment-Application

PCI Security Standards Council releases list of certified payment applications under Payment Application Data Security Standard.

Does the PCI Standards Council Have a Clue?

In version 1.1. of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), there are requirements for securing the application layer of a credit card.

The PCI Data Security Standard

Learn about the validation requirements of the payment card industry’s data security standard (PCI DSS), including administrative and technical elements of the program, and the potential sanctions for failure to comply.

Building a Strategic, Comprehensive Solution for PCI-DSS Compliance

Security trends and hacking techniques are continually changing and, as a result, the PCI-DSS continues to evolve. To stay ahead of these trends and prove compliance, your organization needs a powerful solution for collecting and monitoring user activity. Learn more about how you can use compliance as a means of competitive differentiation.

Industry View: Calculating the True Cost of PCI Non-Compliance

Compliance costs, but the cost of non-compliance may be more.

Payment Card Industry Compliance

Ignoring the PCI Data Security Standard is risky business. Here’s how you can prepare for compliance.

Do We Need Whistle-Blower Laws in Security?

Security laws aren’t all black and white.

PCI Is Security Simplicity, Not Complexity

The payment card industry data security standard seems to make relatively smart people instantly dim-witted as they complain about its so-called complexity.

Can Mid-Market Merchants Comply with PCI Standards In Time?

If you want to transact business with credit cards, you have to follow the rules: the payment card industry security standards. Companies that don’t comply face fines or worse. So why aren’t more mid-market merchants already in compliance?

One-third of Visa Merchants Missed Security Deadline

Companies face fines for non-compliance.

Why Should Merchants Keep Credit Card Data?

The retail industry advocates keeping a bare minimum of customer financial information. Just enough to still serve your customers without providing potential thieves what they need.

Crushed by Compliance Tyrants

Are you beset by compliance regulations that just don’t make sense? Cutting back on important security measures to pay for them?.

Tear Down that Silo: Compliance in the Executive Suite

Treating compliance as a one-time project costs far more for IT measures than if you take a proactive and integrated approach.

I’ve Got My CrankyPants on Again

Will PCI’s PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) be a mess?