by Edward Prewitt

100 Most Agile Companies Honored

Aug 15, 200425 mins
IT Leadership

Which companies lead in agility? Check out the winners of the Agile 100.


GKN Aerospace North America (East)

Hazelwood, Mo.

IT and production operations developed a Web-based application to pull data from both its ERP system and major customer’s production system portal, reducing cycle time, inventory and headcount.

Fanny Sloan, Director of IT

James J. Fitzsimmons, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $420 million

Employees: 1,600

L-3 Communications Integrated Systems

Greenville, Texas

Wireless aircraft inspection system reduced inspection cycle time and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by feeding data into ERP system, generating immediate estimates and allowing customers to review service orders.

Cheryl Whitis, VP of IT and CIO

Robert Drewes, L-3 and IS President

FY03 revenue: $1.2 billion

Employees: 6,652

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Los Angeles

IT architecture revamped to create collaboration and communities of practice across business sectors. Business-sector CIOs access centralized IT shared service.

Thomas W. Shelman, VP and CIO

Ronald D. Sugar, Chairman, CEO and President

FY03 revenue: $26.2 billion

Employees: 123,000

Raytheon Co.

Waltham, Mass.

Manufacturing visualization tool developed by IT to meet a government request for near-real-time shop floor metrics also improved its production rate.

Rebecca R. Rhoads, VP and CIO

William H. Swanson, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $18.1 billion

Employees: 78,000

Automotive Manufacturing


Auburn Hills, Mich.

Digital information links between product development and manufacturing increased vehicle quality, manufacturing flexibility and productivity.

Susan J. Unger, Senior VP and CIO

Jürgen E. Schrempp, Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO

FY03 revenue: $171.9 billion

Employees: 362,063

Delphi Corp.

Troy, Mich.

Improved internally developed Web portal to boost usage by auto parts suppliers from less than 10 percent to almost 100 percent. Data mining is accessible by PDA.

Bette Walker, VP and CIO

J.T. Battenberg III, Chairman, CEO and President

FY03 revenue: $28 billion

Employees: 190,000

General Motors Corp.


Cost flexibility enabled by 95 percent outsourced IT labor that is managed by unique matrix of process information officers and business process officers.

Ralph Szygenda, Group VP and CIO

G. Richard Wagoner Jr., Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $185.5 billion

Employees: 338,000


Fannie Mae

Washington, D.C.

Service-oriented architecture and shared data services enabled management of a huge increase in assets without increasing IT staff and a sharply reduced time-to-market for new mortgage products.

Julie St. John, Executive VP and CIO

Franklin D. Raines, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $53.8 billion

Employees: 5,201

The Huntington National Bank

Columbus, Ohio

Service-oriented architecture enables reuse of business functions, lowering development costs by 90 percent while speeding delivery. Leadership training sessions held for IT managers.

Joseph A. Gottron II, Executive VP and CIO

Thomas E. Hoaglin, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $372.4 million

Employees: 8,500

The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency


Extranet for online transactions improved and lowered the cost of the loan approval process, resulting in growth of loan pipeline in a difficult market. Extranet extended to offer mortgage insurance products and network lenders.

Dave O’Connor, Director of IT

Thomas R. Gleason, Executive Director

FY03 revenue: $58.9 million

Employees: 315

Merrill Lynch & Co.

New York City

Cost transparency initiative launched to improve management of common IT utilities among businesses. Customizable GUI developed to encompass all front-end trading applications increased revenue from cross-selling products.

John W. Cummings, Senior VP, Chief Information Services Officer and Head of

Stan O’Neal, Chairman, Chief Executive and President

FY03 revenue: $20.2 billion Employees: 48,100

The PNC Financial Services Group


Nearly 3,800 branch and phone center personnel retrained in five months in response to new federal regulations. New teller system rolled out in eight months with full payback in one year.

Timothy G. Shack, CIO, Group Executive

James E. Rohr, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $5.3 billion

Employees: 23,000

Security Benefit Group

Topeka, Kan.

Adoption of extreme programming methodology lowered development costs and time line by 25 percent. Business analysts rather than programmers set up 11 new fixed annuity products during a 48-hour period, with product testing completed in eight weeks.

Dave Keith, Senior VP and CIO

Kris Robbins, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $338.8 million

Employees: 561

The South Financial Group

Greenville, S.C.

Project methodology for mergers and acquisitions supports integration, branding and other conversion processes in 45-60 days. Scalable systems instrumental to growth from $3 billion in assets to $11 billion in five years.

Quintin Sykes, Executive VP and Director of IS

John DuBose, President of the Technology Group

FY03 revenue: $510 million

Employees: 2,200

Southwest Bank of Texas


E-business consultancy created and implemented customer e-commerce. High call volume and website activity handled within existing disaster recovery facility, avoiding the purchase of additional bandwidth.

Buddy Cox, Executive VP and CTO

Paul Murphy, CEO

FY03 revenue: $326 million

Employees: 1,800

T. Rowe Price Group


Investment rollover product developed by skunk-works team in 30 days, reusing existing components from other company systems.

Michael A. Goff, President, T. Rowe Price Investment Technologies

George A. Roche, Chairman and President

FY03 revenue: $996 million

Employees: 3,862

The Vanguard Group

Valley Forge, Pa.

A “Swiss Army” of employees, including IT staffers and the CEO, answers customer calls during high volume times. Java and XML allow use of custom applications and hardware platforms in multiple operating systems without changing code.

Tim Buckley, Managing Director of IT

John J. Brennan, CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 10,000

Business/Consumer Services

Acxiom Corp.

Little Rock, Ark.

Grid computing applied to data management enterprise, vastly increasing processing efficiency and lowering costs without a single failure, thereby allowing clients buying customer information to acquire computing power inexpensively and incrementally.

Alex Dietz, CIO

Charles D. Morgan, Company Leader

FY03 revenue: $958.2 million

Employees: 5,500

American International Relocation Solutions


Transitioned over three years from conducting only residential moves to offering more than 30 relocation services worldwide. Full chain automation allows initiation of relocation services within hours. Open architectures and standards used to develop IT systems.

Jey Baskar, Director of IS

Bryan Putt, CEO

FY03 revenue: $50 million

Employees: 120

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Image bank uses ASP model for customer websites in which IT manages components of the content delivery, contributing to revenue growth of 41 percent in 2003.

Lisa Tuttle, Acting Senior VP of Technology

Jonathan Klein, Founder and CEO

FY03 revenue: $523 million

Employees: 1,800

iJET Travel Risk Management

Annapolis, Md.

Added long-term, security risk management business line at the end of Iraq war to supplement business intelligence focus and quickly acquired a dozen new, multibillion-dollar clients.

Greg Meyer, CTO

Bruce McIndoe, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.3 million

Employees: 60

Korn/Ferry International

Los Angeles

Three major technology-enabled business offerings were created using IT enterprise architecture and reusable software components as IT headcount was reduced from 100 to 30.

Dan Demeter, CIO

Paul Reilly, CEO

FY03 revenue: $338.5 million

Employees: 1,471

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Charlotte, N.C.

IT staff works directly for clients during building design and construction to plan their network and cabling infrastructure.

Chris France, CIO

Philip A. Kuttner, CEO

FY03 revenue: $40 million

Employees: 245



Internet ordering capability for staffing services championed by IT generated $3 million in new revenue. Pricing wizard built in one month with Web services.

Peter Stockhausen, CIO for North America

Jeffrey A. Joerres, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $12.2 billion

Employees: 25,000 (full-time)



Enterprise gateway cluster serving all travel clients increased software distribution and cut costs. Portfolio management integrated with strategic planning and budgeting process.

Sue Powers, CIO and Senior VP, Worldwide Product Solutions

Rakesh Gangwal, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $896.9 million

Employees: 2,530



Pembroke, Bermuda

In transformation from flat-rate and treaty-based satellite communications to for-profit, market-driven telecommunications services, business intelligence initiative identified $150 million in saleable network capacity and improved free cash flow by 15 percent.

Joseph Kraus, Senior VP and CIO

Conny L. Kullman, CEO

FY03 revenue: $952.8 million

Employees: 900

SBC Communications

San Antonio

Portfolio management utilized to shift more than $60 million in project budgets to higher priorities. Application Rapid Deployment process for 316 types of low-risk, repeatable IT solutions increased IT staffer productivity by 49 percent.

John Stankey, CIO and Senior Executive VP

Edward E. Whitacre Jr., Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $40.8 billion

Employees: 175,400

Verizon Wireless

Bedminster, N.J.

Web services platform speeds product to market. Reverse bidding system for consultants reduced costs by 30 percent and decreased the time it took to fill open positions.

Roger Gurnani, CIO

Denny Strigl, CEO

FY03 revenue: $22.5 billion

Employees: 43,000

Computer Manufacturing


Round Rock, Texas

Customized application interfaces with the data warehouse to provide a user-friendly front end that allows all Dell employees to query the warehouse with complex questions. A four-tier architecture mixes standard and open-source software to reduce technology lifecycle costs.

Randy Mott, Senior VP and CIO

Michael S. Dell, Chairman

FY03 revenue: $41.4 billion

Employees: 46,000

Hewlett-Packard Corp.

Palo Alto, Calif.

Global operations and IT combined to integrate supply chain and e-business with IT. Business-to-employee portal standardized HR function worldwide, saved $50 million with a six-month ROI and provided a platform for internal financial data reporting.

Gilles Bouchard, Executive VP of Operations and CIO

Carly S. Fiorina, CEO and Chairman

FY03 revenue: $73.1 billion

Employees: 142,000


Milpitas, Calif.

On the first day of the merger between Palm and Handspring, this new company operated as a single entity with merged ERP, finance, supply and HR systems and combined communications systems.

Marina Levinson, VP and CIO

Todd Bradley, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $871.9 million

Employees: 740


Fairfax County Public Schools

Fairfax, Va.

Student-teacher collaboration portal is used by 90,000 students, including hospitalized students. Moved from spaghetti architecture to a service-oriented architecture through a brokered integration platform and Web services.

Maribeth Luftglass, CIO

Dr. Brad Draeger, Interim Superintendent of Schools

FY03 revenue: $1.7 billion

Employees: 24,523

Golden Gate University

San Francisco

Enabled turnaround effort with a project portfolio and governance structure for 48 academic and operations projects. Reduced routine use of consultants by upgrading IT staff skills through a career development program.

Anthony Hill, CTO

Phillip Friedman, President

FY03 revenue: $55 million

Employees: 1,500

Harvard Business School


Drew on existing resources to build new Web-based application for faculty research and course planning that launched in three weeks.

Judy Stahl, CIO

Kim Clark, Dean of the Faculty

FY03 revenue: $294 million

Employees: 1,273

Tufts University

Medford, Mass.

Open-source digital repository aggregates content from library systems, enabling rapid development of educational and research applications and garnering $2 million in support. GIS initiatives enhance teaching and research.

Bruce Metz, VP for IT

Lawrence Bacow, President

FY03 revenue: $519.9 million

Employees: 3,887

University of Pennsylvania


Web-based “purchase to pay” ordering system marries purchasing responsibility, authority and automatic budget check for 1,800 faculty and staff. PennKey gives secure access for 40,000 to 190 online services.

Robin Beck, VP

Amy Gutmann, University President

FY03 revenue: $3.6 billion

Employees: 12,000

Ventura Unified School District

Ventura, Calif.

Gigabit Ethernet connections in all classrooms used for class work and student information. VoIP telephones allow teachers to move classrooms easily but retain phone numbers.

Theodore Malos, Director of Technology

Dr. Trudy Arriaga, Superintendent

FY03 revenue: $150 millionEmployees: 1,800


CKE Restaurants

Carpinteria, Calif.

Built POS system in-house, saving more than $1 million in vendor costs. Operating at the continuously improving CMM level, the IS department reduced annual operating costs by 38 percent, earning citation from the CEO as having transformed from “worst of company” to “first in company.”

Jeff Chasney, Executive VP and CIO

Andrew Puzder, CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.4 billion

Employees: 29,000

Harrah’s Entertainment

Las Vegas

Fast response to fires that knocked out telecommunications in much of southern California brought a casino online two days before normal utilities were available, avoiding $10 million in lost revenue.

Tim Stanley, Senior VP and CIO

Gary Loveman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $4.3 billion

Employees: 43,000

Marriott International

Washington, D.C.

Upgraded reservation system guarantees the best available room rate regardless of booking channel. Corporate CRM system integrated with each hotel’s property management system, ensuring personalized service.

Carl Wilson, Executive VP and CIO

J.W. Marriott Jr., Chairman of the Board and CEO

FY03 revenue: $9 billion

Employees: 128,000

The National Broadcasting Co.

New York City

“TV station in a box” server concept enables fast setup of remote news bureaus. Bravo acquisition migrated to a new integrated platform, leading to a doubling in net revenue. SWAT team developed election results system in less than six months.

David Overbeeke, Executive VP and CIO

Bob Wright, Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, GE; Chairman and CEO, NBC

FY03 revenue: $6.7 billion

Employees: 6,000

The New York Times Co.

New York City

Flexible supply chain enables printing and distribution of various newspapers in markets across the country. Regionalization of online ads supports market share in local communities.

Michael G. Williams, CIO

Russell T. Lewis, CEO

FY03 revenue: $3.2 billion

Employees: 12,400

Ruby Tuesday

Maryville, Tenn.

Alert system grows help desk from 12 staffers to 100 seats. IT org chart lists 90 percent of staffers as analysts, allowing frequent shifts in responsibility.

Nick Ibrahim, Senior VP and CTO

Sandy Beall, Chairman of the Board and CEO

FY03 revenue: $914 million

Employees: 38,000

Warner Music Group

New York City

Music digitization process utilized to provide legal music downloads and launch ringtones, 500,000 of which are downloaded per month, helping to double company’s market share.

Tsvi Gal, CIO

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 4,500

Financial services

Chicago Board of Trade


Seamlessly transitioned to a new electronic trading platform, leading to high trading volumes and paving the way for new financial instruments.

William Farrow, Executive VP and CIO

Bernard Dan, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $381.3 million

Employees: 703



New portfolio of credit card accounts serviced in 60 days-half the time of previous portfolios. XML-based Business Information Gateway accelerated collections efforts.

Guido Sacchi, CIO and Executive Director of Shared Services

David Hanna, CEO

FY03 revenue: $453.8 million

Employees: 2,200

GMAC Commercial Holding Corp.

Horsham, Pa.

Excess capacity in IT infrastructure enables fast additions of new customers, portfolios and service lines. Integrated document management system spun off to recoup investment.

Niraj Patel, Executive VP and CIO

Robert Feller, CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 3,300

H&R Block

Kansas City, Mo.

Project managers staff a resource pool as internal consultants. New offices in 552 Wal-Marts set up within a 17-day deadline.

Jeff Yabuki, Executive VP

Mark Ernst, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $3.8 billion

Employees: 11,200 (full-time)


Golden, Colo.

Skunk works used to develop new Web-based flagship product in five months. Web services credit card processing technology developed in less than six months.

Ian Hill, CIO

Bruce Baude, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $23.4 million

Employees: 145


City of Baltimore


Enterprise CRM system enables “one call to City Hall” initiative for service requests. Real-time performance measurement system tracks success on dashboards. All IT staff completed 40-hour-plus Project Management Institute course.

Elliot Schlanger, CIO

Martin O’Malley, Mayor

FY03 revenue: $2.2 billion

Employees: 15,385

City of Chandler

Chandler, Ariz.

Project management office implemented 22 new technologies within 18 months, increasing user satisfaction by 75 percent. Online vendor registration for city services achieved full participation.

Marilyn Delmont, CIO

W. Mark Pentz, City Manager

FY03 revenue: $607.4 million

Employees: 1,512

Defense Logistics Agency

Fort Belvoir, Va.

In Iraq war: RFID tags in matériel, on-scene IT support, pack-up kits and a Web-based version of standard distribution system reduced duplicate orders by more than 80 percent compared to the first Gulf War.

Mae De Vincentis, Director of Information Operations and CIO

Vice Adm. Keith W. Lippert, Director of Supply Corps, U.S. Navy

FY03 revenue: $25 billion

Employees: 21,500

Greater Toronto Airports Authority


Common-use IT infrastructure owned by airport links all airlines and gates, replacing private networks, enabling quick shifts and optimizing traffic flow. Traffic management system a common rule base for assigning airport resources.

James Burke, VP of IT and Telecommunications

Louis A. Turpen, CEO

FY03 revenue: $472.7 million

Employees: 896

Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Washington, D.C.

Composite application strategy for enterprise-pursued in lieu of enterprise ERP or custom solution-developed in 10 months. Same application engine reused to streamline contract management.

Capt. Daniel P. King, CIO

Rear Adm. Michael K. Loose, Chief of Civil Engineers

FY03 revenue: $8 billion

Employees: 14,000

Oakland County, Michigan

Pontiac, Mich.

After major budget cut, technology infrastructure enabled balanced budget, no layoffs and AAA bond rating. Crime information network shared by more than 150 agencies.

Phil Bertolini, Director of IT

L. Brooks Patterson, County Executive

FY03 revenue: $590 million

Employees: 4,424

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)

New York City

Fly-away VSAT satellite stations deployed in less than three hours to deliver voice, fax, data, e-mail and videoconferencing in remote locations, saving lives in disaster areas.

Andre Spatz, CIO

Carol Bellamy, Executive Director

FY03 revenue: $1.7 billion

Employees: 7,000

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Washington, D.C.

Strategic business model helps execute more than 1,000 executive branch activity reviews, accounting for $35.4 billion in taxpayer benefits.

Anthony Cicco Jr., CIO and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States

FY03 revenue: $457 million

Employees: 3,370

Health Care/Health Insurance

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Bethesda, Md.

Online placement service created in less than nine months to protect market niche. Continuing education services moved online in less than one year.

John C. Spencer Jr., VP and CIO

Henri R. Manasse Jr., Executive VP and CEO

FY03 revenue: $36.5 million

Employees: 220



Health-care network built an entire service model for 72,000-customer account in less than 90 days. IT centers of excellence for key technologies, including e-business, contact centers and document management solutions.

Jane E. Niederberger, Senior VP and CIO

Larry C. Glasscock, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $16.8 billion

Employees: 20,000

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Providence, R.I.

Website focus increased traffic by 246 percent in one year while reducing application support budget. Emergency medical record system allows hospital emergency room personnel to view patient medical and claim data.

David O. Zink, Senior VP of Administration and CIO

James E. Purcell, Acting President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.9 billion

Employees: 1,037

Clarian Health Partners


Physician order-entry system and intelligent alerting system notifies doctors when they deviate from industry-defined best practices. Centralized data repository and automated algorithms developed to respond to new donor transplant law. Department of Business Innovations serves as internal consultants.

Tal Moise, VP of Business Innovations and co-CIO

Marvin Pember, CFO

FY03 revenue: $2.1 billion

Employees: 11,088

Group Health Cooperative


Workflow redesign allows care providers to see 20 percent more patients daily. Member website updated to include patient information and secure messaging with doctors.

Janice Newell, CIO

Cheryl Scott, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.9 billion

Employees: 9,532


Norwalk, Conn.

Evolutionary process known as “creeping elegance” employed for systems development. Standards-based, component-driven architecture enabled migration to open systems.

Ed Zecchini, Executive VP and CTO

Stephen F. Wiggins, Founder, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $90 million

Employees: 133

Hygeia Corp.

Miami Lakes, Fla.

Connectivity toolkit enabled online claims to grow from zero to 40 percent in one year. Client portal allows customers to work with their data directly.

Rod Hamilton, CIO

Virgil Bretz, CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 75


Providence, R.I.

Computerized Physician Order Entry initiative enabled by wireless network. New contract management application created $17 million improvement in payments.

Carole Cotter, Senior VP and CIO

George Vecchione, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.1 billion

Employees: 10,231


Allstate Insurance Co.

Northbrook, Ill.

More than 110,000 customized agent websites launched based on a single architecture. Auto Express program enables handling of fender-benders with no injuries or liability issues.

Catherine S. Brune, Senior VP and CTO

Edward M. Liddy, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $32 billion

Employees: 40,000

American International Group

New York City

Scalable systems and an open, flexible architecture based on the J2EE framework create an integration-ready enterprise, absorbing 10 insurance acquisitions since 2001.

Mark S. Popolano, CIO

Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $81.3 billion

Employees: 86,000

Antares Management Solutions

Westlake, Ohio

Imaging technology optimizes health claims processes, including provider credentialing, claims data entry and claims correspondence. Insurance broker website brings together formerly diverse services.

Ken Sidon, President

Edward J. Hartzell, CEO

FY03 revenue: $70 million

Employees: 700

CNA Financial


New claims management dashboard gives business managers real-time claims information. Data model consolidates business units’ information. Fixed IT costs lowered from 70 percent to 50 percent in one year.

John Golden, Executive VP and CIO

Stephen W. Lilienthal, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $12 billion

Employees: 12,000

CUNA Mutual Group

Madison, Wis.

Products for credit union clients moved online, including a new database developed to protect against hiring risky staff that lowered the processing rate from three days to seconds.

Rick R. Roy, CIO

Michael B. Kitchen, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $2.4 billion

Employees: 6,000

GMAC Insurance Management Corp.

Earth City, Mo.

Planning and Process Management Organization developed a project and portfolio management infrastructure to converge multiple policy management systems into a single system.

Jerry Filler, CIO

Gary Y. Kusumi, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.3 billion

Employees: 3,000

The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America

New York City

Offshore outsourcing model cut IT costs by 10 percent while maintaining at least 50 percent in-house employees, thereby avoiding loss of knowledge capital. Component-based architecture allows quick product launches.

Dennis Callahan, Executive VP and CIO

Dennis J. Manning, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $7.7 billion

Employees: 5,000

Lincoln National Corp.


Service-oriented architecture and Web services used to syndicate company content into client websites on demand and in real-time, tailored to client specifications.

Jason Glazier, Senior VP, Chief Technology and E-Commerce Officer

Jon A. Boscia, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $5.3 billion

Employees: 7,854

Pinnacol Assurance


Integrated application architecture, sharing a single corporate database, runs all core business areas. All software development handled in-house, enabling quick system changes in response to new regulations and business needs.

Robert Norris, CIO

Gary Pon, CEO

FY03 revenue: $487 million

Employees: 530

Legal Services

Foley & Lardner


Popular client-specific extranet developed by three IT staffers with object-oriented architecture. Most requests for client-specific extranets implemented in two to 48 hours.

Douglas D. Caddell, CIO

Ralf-Reinhard Boer, CEO

FY03 revenue: $489.5 million

Employees: 2,500

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart


Client extranets can be set up within one hour. Standard technology infrastructure enabled the creation of a fully functioning replacement law office within days.

Steven W. Agnoli, CIO

Peter J. Kalis, Chairman of the Management Committee

FY03 revenue: $320 million

Employees: 1,650

Manufacturing/Process Industries



Alcoa Business System, based on the Toyota Production System, focuses on efficiency and continuous improvement to ensure lean business practices.

Rudi P. Huber, VP of Global Business Services and CIO

Alain J. P. Belda, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $21.5 billion

Employees: 120,000

The Dow Chemical Co.

Midland, Mich.

Five hundred interactive conference rooms reduced travel costs by $143 million in one year. Structured methodology and best practices applied to more than 40 acquisitions and joint ventures worldwide since 2000.

David E. Kepler, Corporate VP of Shared Services and CIO

William S. Stavropoulos, Chairman of the Board and CEO

FY03 revenue: $33 billion

Employees: 46,000

Flextronics International


Custom electronics manufacturer quickly shifts design, manufacturing and supply chain logistics of customers’ products to different sites around the world based on changing demand and cost considerations.

Mike Webb, CIO

Michael Marks, CEO

FY03 revenue: $13.4 billion

Employees: 80,000

Griffith Laboratories

Alsip, Ill.

This food manfacturer quickly implemented a CRM system to improve retention of new customers. Decision tool developed to capture variables for lowering costs saved $2 million.

John McCarville, VP of IT-Worldwide

Herve de la Vauvre, President and CEO Worldwide

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 2,833


Latrobe, Pa.

Large European acquisition fully integrated in five months. E-commerce website launched in 100 days. Flexible, scalable, open systems architecture replaced proprietary mainframe environment.

Ralph G. Niederst, VP and CIO

Markos I. Tambakeras, President, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.8 million

Employees: 13,590

O.C. Tanner Co.

Salt Lake City

Agile software development methodology used to implement more than 1,000 business systems enhancements in one year. IT enhancements to manufacturing, supply chain and customer-facing processes reduced customer calls by half.

David Berg, Senior VP and CIO

Kent Murdock, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $300 million

Employees: 1,880

Plug Power

Latham, N.Y.

Scalable, open systems enable custom functionality. More than 130 system modifications deployed by three IT staffers last year. Project performance data posted on intranet.

Darryl J. Enfield, Director of IS

Roger B. Saillant, CEO

FY03 revenue: $12.5 million

Employees: 325


Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, Mass.

Web-based drug discovery software platform built in less than five months enables analysis of huge data sets.

Andrew Palmer, CIO

Steven Holtzman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 100

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, Mass.

Transformation from a research-oriented genomics company to a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company supported by IT staff, contractors and outsourcers.

Mark Hernon, VP, IT

Mark Levin, CEO and Chairman

FY03 revenue: $433.7 million

Employees: 1,700




Business intelligence database collects 22 million records daily from across the enterprise, enabling a major cultural shift from focusing on past trends to forecasting future business opportunities.

Keith Morrow, VP of IS and CIO

James W. Keyes, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $10.9 billion

Employees: 30,140

Chico’s Retail Services

Fort Myers, Fla.

While supporting 139 new retail stores, IT replaced or upgraded entire infrastructure and mission-critical applications in 18 months, including communications, global sourcing, merchandise planning, pattern-making, distribution and logistics, financial systems and e-commerce.

Ajit Patel, CIO

Scott Edmonds, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $768 million

Employees: 5,500

Lands’ End

Dodgeville, Wis.

IT supported fast, radical shift in business model after acquisition by Sears. Business intelligence software utilized to counter sales lost due to inadequate inventory.

Frank Giannantonio, Senior VP and CIO

Mindy Meads, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 10,000


Framingham, Mass.

Single gateway to third-party vendors allows business managers to set up new vendor links quickly without IS involvement. Fraud detection engine reduced chargebacks by more than 100 percent.

Scott Floeck, CIO

Ronald Sargent, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $13.2 billion

Employees: 60,000

Toshiba America Business Solutions

Irvine, Calif.

Content management at this decentralized organization, with 90 percent of staff in the field, saves $750,000 annually in marketing distribution costs. E-learning and training accelerates integration, facilitating 10 acquisitions in 15 months.

Dan Langham, Senior VP, CIO and CFO

Dennis Eversole, CEO and President

FY03 revenue: NA

Employees: 2,500

W.W. Grainger

Lake Forest, Ill.

Custom inventory availability tool utilized by sales staff 20,000 times in a one-month trial, netting $182,000 in add-on sales. End-to-end supply chain improvement cut cycle time by 30 percent.

Timothy Ferrarell, Senior VP of Enterprise Systems

Richard Keyser, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $4.7 billion

Employees: 15,000

Technology Services

GSI Commerce

King of Prussia, Pa.

Standard software base gives e-commerce customers a menu approach to services and enables extremely fast rollout of e-commerce capabilities.

Joseph N. Seibert, Senior VP and CIO

Michael G. Rubin, Chairman and CEO

FY03 revenue: $241.9 million

Employees: 1,034

High Performance Technologies

Reston, Va.

Group of IT experts is ready for rapid deployment on projects such as building the infrastructure for managing evidence from the caves of Afghanistan.

Marty Shoup, Group Lead, Senior

Technical Directors

Timothy P. Keenan,

President and Managing Partner

FY03 revenue: $34.9 million

Employees: 200



Open-source software utilized to develop, test and launch new service in 60 days120 days early. In-house CRM programmer worked closely with CRM installation team to implement tracking module in two months.

Wayne Haber, CIO

Michael Cote, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $15 million

Employees: 78

Via Training

Portland, Ore.

Open-source software for internal IT infrastructure and certain applications kept costs low during ramp-up period. Flash components and reusable code lower cost and enable multilingual delivery of training material.

Paul Irvine, VP of Engineering

Robert Aughenbaugh, President

FY03 revenue: $12.2 million

Employees: 110


ABF Freight System

Fort Smith, Ark.

Rapid deployment of online applications for customers and B2B partners, including shipment tracking, rate quotations, reports, dynamic routing of in-transit shipments, a wireless tracking solution and XML connectivity.

Michael Newcity, Manager of E-Commerce Systems

Robert Davidson, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $1.4 billion

Employees: 13,000

Con-Way Transportation Services

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Business software components reused to launch a new business unit, supported by XML-based status alerts that led to an on-time rate of more than 98 percent and a guaranteed delivery service.

Jackie Barretta, VP of Information Services

Gerald L. Detter, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $2.2 billion

Employees: 18,000

DHL Express

Plantation, Fla.

Time-to-market for new products, project delivery success rates and ROI of change initiatives all improved by project, program and portfolio management.

Steve Bandrowczak, Senior VP and CIO of Americas Information Services

John Fellows, CEO

FY03 revenue: $27.8 billion

Employees: 40,000 (U.S.)

FedEx Corp.

Memphis, Tenn.

Popular Temporary Assignment Program cut down learning curve by using current employees rather than contractors. New shipment information application coordinated customer calls. New portfolio review board moved 150 IT employees to higher-priority projects.

Robert B. Carter, Executive VP and CIO

Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $25 billion

Employees: 200,000

Schneider National

Green Bay, Wis.

Code reused from a customer-developed, load-sharing website to build a new IT tool. Project management office implemented IT infrastructure solution based on software development process.

Steven J. Matheys, CIO

Christopher Lofgren, President and CEO

FY03 revenue: $2.9 billion

Employees: 21,000