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B-hive Networks

May 06, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


B-hive is known for performance management for virtual-server networks. B-hive’s primary product, Conductor, runs as an appliance, monitoring user connections and network traffic to and from virtual servers in order to provide a detailed view of activity for both performance management and network mapping and optimization.

Why It’s Significant

Another of the companies cropping up to provide management of virtual environments, B-hive , which was formed in 2005, built its application as an appliance that can be inserted into a network to which virtual servers are connected, monitoring both user activity and server loads. It discovers and identifies applications running on the VMs, mapping each transaction and building a database describing volume, type and paths of network traffic. Using that data and real-time performance monitoring, the tool matches real performance to service-level goals, shifting traffic to new servers, rebooting underperforming VMs and provisioning new servers to accommodate changes in traffic.

Key Products

  • Conductor (management tool)

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