by CIO Staff


May 05, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


Made first impact with VM backup tool vRanger Pro before expanding into other areas of disaster recovery, performance management and distribution.

Why It’s Significant

As hypervisors and basic virtual-server functions become commoditized, Vizioncore and similar companies tackle performance issues that would otherwise be invisible to server managers. Physical servers come with performance indicators and monitors to tell IT every detail of what’s going on inside; without tools like vCharter and similar software from other vendors, questions of not only how well a VM is running, but what process it’s running, how efficiently and how best to tune it would leave server managers feeling their way in the dark.

Key Products

  • vRangerPro (hot backup utility)
  • vCharter (performance manager)
  • vReplicator (virtual server-image distributor)

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