by CIO Staff


May 05, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


Embotics calls itself a “VM Lifecycle Management” company. That’s the kind of jargon that not everyone likes. But the company’s V-Commander software (which integrates with VMware’s VirtualCenter management suite) deserves interest, says IDC Research Director Stephen Elliot. The product aims to reign in the problem of “rogue VMs” that IT may not know about, and lets IT apply policies and automation to the job of tagging and tracking each VM in the company.

Why It’s Significant

Embotics claims early success with customers in regulated industries who face extra audit pressure. “They are taking a lifecycle perspective, really looking at integrating security controls, change management and policy from one dashboard,” IDC’s Elliot says. “The goal is to help users drive an integrated governance approach to managing virtual machinesnotably from the use of policies that dictate the virtual machine lifecycle from creation to retirement.”

Key Products

  • V-Commander

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