by CIO Staff


May 05, 20081 min

Connection to Virtualization


A latecomer to the virtualization market, Oracle announced in November that it is offering its version of a Xen hypervisor, designed to run with Oracle Enterprise Linux servers, as a free download.

Why It’s Significant

Oracle software is so ubiquitous in corporate data centers that anything connecting it with virtualization is significant. In this case, however, many analysts say Oracle’s offering indicates more that basic hypervisors are becoming commodities, rather than anything about a change in Oracle’s virtualization strategy. Management of virtual server farms has become more important than simple support for a guest OS. Having an Oracle hypervisor and explicit support from Oracle, both in its software and support, will make running Oracle software in virtual environments that much easier, analysts say.

Key Products

  • Oracle VM
  • Oracle Unbreakable Linux

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