by Margaret Locher

9 Ways to Wiki

Apr 25, 20081 min
Enterprise Applications

Open source and free, or hosted for a fee, these applications are among many wiki software options

BrainKeeper | Provides knowledge management tools. Prices based on the number of log-ins required.

ClearWiki | A hosted wiki that enables users to search within common file types like PDFs.

EditMe | Hosting service provides custom wikis for a monthly fee but no marketing services.

Paux | Free, Java-based open-source software that is similar to a content management system.

MediaWiki | The free software Wikipedia uses for its websites boasts lots of features and can support high traffic.

MoinMoin | Another free application. Users can get help from MoinMoin developers.

Socialtext | Provides “wiki appliances,” or dedicated boxes, for deployment at customers’ sites as well as hosting wikis in the company’s data center for a few dollars per user per month. Services include marketing the wiki to users.

StikiPad | Simple enough for small-scale purposes but can be customized for big projects. Price is based on storage capacity, with an entry-level allocation of 30MB available for free.

Wetpaint | A free hosted wiki that’s easy to learn and edit. Some wiki users say it’s good for first-timers.