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Attn SMBs: Free Mobility Webinars from BlackBerry-Maker RIM Start Today

Sep 23, 2009
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Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, is holding a series of free webinars this fall aimed at small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs) that want to "make the most of mobility." The first webinar in the series will be held today and will focus on best practices for forming business relationship through the use of social media.

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion today will hold the first of four upcoming free webinars on how small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can get the most from their mobility investments. Today’s webinar, entitled “Social Side of Business: Using Social Media to Create Real Business Relationships,” starts at 1 PM EST, and it will be led by small business and CRM experts Anita Campbell and Brent Leary.

RIM BlackBerry Webinar Series
RIM BlackBerry Webinar Series

From RIM’s webinar website:

“People are turning to social networks to connect with family, friends, and increasingly to build business relationships. While it took 38 years for television to reach 50M viewers, Facebook added 100M members in less than nine months, according to The popularity of Twitter, the most talked about social network over the past few months, is being driven by mobile devices, which account for 80% of its usage.”

“Three small business professionals will share their experiences and best practices for successfully integrating social media into their sales and marketing strategies to connect with today’s socially-networked, on-the-go customer.”

In addition to Campbell and Leary, three real small-business professionals will discuss their own efforts to build their customer bases through social media. Pamela O’Hara, President,, a social CRM software for small business; Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami for Network Solutions; and Partha Dutta – Co-founder and CEO,, will all detail their own experiences with social media in business.

You must register online prior to the start of the event to attend.

What does RIM and/or BlackBerry have to do with SMBs and social media you ask?

Well, the “mobile devices” mentioned above that are driving all that Twitter usage? You guessed it, lots of them are BlackBerry smartphones.

Additional RIM webinars for SMBs will be held during September and October, and are as follows:

  • September 30th — “Online, Under Budget: How to Save by Using Online Software Services”
  • October 7th — “Analyze This!: 5 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Social Media Activities” October 21st — “Gimme Five: 5 Must-Have Technologies for Competing in Today’s Market”

More information on the individual webinars, along with details on registration, can be found online.


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