by Al Sacco

How One BlackBerry Addict Lost 50 Lbs. in Six Months (And You Can Too!)

Aug 21, 20093 mins
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Thanks to a new mobile application, Weight Loss Sensei, CrackBerry addicts can now turn their BlackBerry smartphones into "24/7 weight-loss coaches." And it works, too. Just ask college student Michael Schneider, who lost more than 50 pounds in just six months with his BlackBerry and Weight Loss Sensei.

Struggling to work off that spare tire around your waist? Maybe you’re still trying to squeeze into that itty-bitty, polka-dotted swimsuit from last year? Your BlackBerry smartphone might not seem like the most obvious tool in the war on unwanted weight, but thanks to a new mobile application you can now carry your very own “24/7 weight-loss coach” in a pants pocket.

Weight Lost Sensei for BlackBerry Screen Shots
Weight Lost Sensei for BlackBerry Screen Shots

Weight Lose Sensei, available now for $9.99 on BlackBerry App World and via, is a new mobile application and associated weight-loss system that work to educate and train users on how to embrace healthy living through an active lifestyle and responsible diet, according to the company.

The app, not to be confused with BlackBerry contacts app Sensobi, provides personalized food recommendations for busy people who might not always have the time or resources to prepare their own meals, Sensei says. Among other things, Weight Lose Sensei delivers a list of the healthiest options at the restaurants and other establishments users frequent. So, for instance, Wendy’s patrons might be directed toward a salad and baked potato instead of a burger with a side of French fries.

After downloading the application or signing up via, interested parties provide a variety of personal information like their target weights, food- and meal-type preferences, eating routines, normal meal times, typical exercise schedule and more. Sensei then delivers personalized–and realistic–nutrition and fitness plans, the company says.

New York City College Student Michael Schneider is an example of what can be accomplished when motivated people team up with Sensei to achieve their weight-loss goals. Schneider, a busy student with little or no time for grocery shopping and/or cooking, started using Sensei roughly six months ago, and he’s already lost more than 50 pounds.

pics of Michael Schneider Before and After Weight Lost Sensei for BlackBerry
Michael Schneider Before and After Weight Lost Sensei for BlackBerry

“My BlackBerry is my constant companion, and I rely on it for everything. With Weight Loss Sensei installed, it’s easy to stick with my diet because the plan is with me wherever I go,: said Schneider, in a press release. “Instead of having to plan ahead for every meal, I use the mobile application to live spontaneously and still lose weight.”

In addition to actual nutrition recommendations, Weight Lost Sensei also delivers tips on quick and easy exercises and motivational advice, directly to users’ BlackBerry devices.

Sensei itself isn’t new; the company’s been offering various weight-loss solutions since November 2007. Nor is the program restricted to BlackBerry users. There’s a “desktop” version for folks who would rather use PCs to access their dieting materials. And you can visit the company’s site for a full list of supported cell phones and smartphones.

Weight Lose Sensei provides a new take on “electronic-dieting,” but it’s certainly not the first fitness-related BlackBerry app; BlackBerry App World’s “Health and Wellness” section offers upwards of 65 applications, many of which are aimed at losing weight, counting calories and improving users’ overall fitness habits–and many of which are free.


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