by Mark Polansky

Three Tips for Hearing about Jobs from Recruiters

Jun 26, 20092 mins

Mark Polansky breaks down the dos and don'ts when working with recruiters.


How can I get recruiters to call me with great jobs?

Coach: Mark Polanksy, Senior Client Partner & Managing Director I.T. Officers Practice, KORN/FERRY INTERNATIONAL

Always try to target a single recruiter within a particular firm rather than throw out a wide net to many recruiters at a firm. Building a personal relationship with a recruiter is not your goal. Your goal is to be recognized by a recruiter as a standout and highly qualified candidate.

Do your homework and identify the recruiter who is most appropriate for your background. If possible, network through someone who knows that recruiter and can make a personal introduction. Cold calls don’t usually yield the best results. Follow up with a brief e-mail with your résumé attached. Always be transparent and honest when you’re making claims in your résumé, says Polansky. “We will check you out and will not want to represent folks who seem to have exaggerated or expanded upon their experiences.”

Sometimes you can stand out by sharing information, market knowledge or contacts with recruiters.This allows you to maintain contact with a group of recruiters you may be targeting while showing them that you know what’s happening within your industry. By being helpful, you stay top of mind when good jobs come along.

Never ignore a recruiter’s call—you may need that connection some day. Even if you are not interested in hearing about new opportunities, be responsive and offer referrals whenever possible.

Do not feign interest in a job simply to get face time with a recruiter. You will not be taken seriously the next time a potential job comes up. You also do not want to be too narrow in your job search focus in this economy. You may inadvertently limit your options.

Mark Polansky has worked in the field of executive search for more than 25 years, extensively recruiting CIOs, CTOs and other senior IT leaders.