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Amosu Wants to “Colour” Your BlackBerry, iPhone, Wii…Whatever

Jun 04, 20093 mins
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Designer Alexander Amosu has launched the Colour Couture service for BlackBerry, iPhone, computers and Nintendo and PlayStation gaming consoles...but it sure ain't cheap.

Author’s note: Since publishing this story, it has come to my attention that ColorWare may in fact be manufacturing colored parts for Amosu. ColorWare won’t confirm or disaffirm the information, and I’m still waiting on a response from Amosu, but it looks like ColorWare may still be the only major player in the custom-color-parts game. AS

Move over, ColorWare. There’s a new custom-color-kid on the scene.

A couple of weeks ago, I stripped down my trusty BlackBerry Bold and dressed it up with some new, custom-painted parts from ColorWare. Overall, I was pleased with the results–though my “ColorWared” device was far from perfect. (Read my full ColorWare review here.) At the time, ColorWare was really my only option for high-quality custom-color parts for my Bold, besides buying an airbrush and prettying the handheld up myself. No more. Today, U.K. luxury designer Alexander Amosu is offering his own high-end parts for gadgets, and they sure are snazzy…and even more expensive than ColorWare. Yikes.

image of Alexander Amosu Pink BlackBerry Bold with Colour Couture
Alexander Amosu Pink BlackBerry Bold with Colour Couture

Amosu’s brand new Colour Couture service is available for a few BlackBerrys, including the Bold 9000, Curve 8900, and Storm 95xx, as well as Apple iPhones, iPod touch, shuffle and classic devices, computers, Nintendo Wii and DSi, PlayStation consoles and PSP.

The company claims that Colour Couture is available “in any color the customer wants,” though there’s currently no way to preview colors and combinations on its website. You can also further personalize your Colour Couture device with your name, initials, logo, whatever for an additional charge.

“Personalization is key to stand out from the crowd,” says Alexander Amosu, in a release. “[N]ow you can do it at an affordable price.”

Considering the service starts at £650 (approximately US$1052) for brand new handhelds–you can send in your existing device for £300 (roughly US$486)–I’m not exactly sure who’s definition of affordable Amosu is referring to, but like everything the company makes, the Colour Couture products certainly grab the eye.

Unfortunately, there’s no information available on replacement warranties, as Colour Couture likely voids your manufacturer’s warranty. I’m still waiting to hear back from Amosu on this and will update this post as soon as I can.

Earlier this week, Amosu released a beautiful–and equally pricey–set of specialty BlackBerry Bold cases in python, crocodile and ostrich-skin leather.

Visit for more information or to place an order.

While you do, I’m going to try to convince Amosu to deck out my iPhone for a review. 😉

For more astronomically priced BlackBerry “toys,” check out this funky yellow Bold and read, “BlackBerry Bling: The Hottest–and Priciest–Pimped-Out BlackBerrys.”


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