by Al Sacco

The $660 BlackBerry Bold Case in Crocodile, Python and Ostrich: Recession be Damned…

Jun 01, 20092 mins
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Alexander Amosu's latest creations will blanket your BlackBerry Bold with lavish leather in just about any color you could desire...but like everything Amosu, they don't come cheap at $660.

Maker of things shiny and sleek, U.K. based designer Alexander Amosu has released another exorbitantly expensive BlackBerry accessory: The new BlackBerry Bold case, available in variety of colors–like black, red, gray, brown and Caribbean blue–and leathers, including crocodile and ostrich-skin.

Alexander Amosu's BlackBerry Bold Leather Cases
Alexander Amosu’s BlackBerry Bold Leather Cases

Compared to Amosu’s custom devices, these Bold cases are actually quite affordable. The company’s diamond-encrusted, black Bold goes for roughly $8,900, while the custom Amosu Pearl 81xx’ll set you back more than $17,000.

The new Amosu BlackBerry Bold case looks very much like RIM’s standard, $30 BlackBerry “sleeve,”–your device slides in on top and there’s no strap to fasten or keep your device in place–but they’re made of crocodile, python, ostrich and lizard skins. And they’re perfect for protecting your custom Amosu Bold, your ColorWared device or any other pricey personalized ‘Berry.

Amosu's black BlackBerry Bold Case (Inner View)
Amosu’s black BlackBerry Bold Case (Inner View)

Few additional details are available on the cases. For instance, it’s unclear whether or not they feature sleep magnets to put your BlackBerry device in standby mode when in place in its case. Sleeper magnets are found in almost all of RIM’s cases, and for nearly $700, the Amosu cases should have them. However, the feature is not mentioned on Amosu’s website, and as such, I’m guessing the cases don’t have sleeper magnets.

Recession you say? What recession??

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