by Maryfran Johnson

The Newly Designed CIO Magazine

Feb 23, 20092 mins

With six new sections, CIO Magazine launches its first major redesign since 2000.

Welcome to your newly redesigned CIO magazine.

This is our first major redesign since 2000—and in the world of publishing, that’s a great sign of life and strength.

The articles are shorter, and our new sections are organized more logically with your business and career needs in mind. The cover story will anchor each issue with a great compelling read. But our overall look and feel is brighter and sharper, thanks to our gifted designers Mary Lester and Terri Haas. And the content still crackles with high-quality reporting and editing, led by our editors Elana Varon and Steff Gelston.

Here’s what you’ll find inside your new CIO magazine:

Start: We begin by revving up each issue with a dash of perspective, a few opinions and a new “Chatter” feature that takes a spin through recent postings and or letters from you worth sharing.

Grow: The growth of your business is the core focus of this section, so the articles center on how IT contributes to top-line growth. You’ll find food for thought on competitive advantage, business trends, mergers and acquisitions, growth-oriented technologies (such as customer-facing systems or business analytics), emerging markets and the technologies helping them flourish.

Run: The fine art of running a world-class IT operation dominates this section, so these stories will touch on everything from staffing, outsourcing, ERP or cost-cutting tactics to vendor management, supply chains, business process and strategic planning. Your colleagues will share how they solved an operational problem with plenty of practical, specific takeaways.

Connect: The CIO Executive Council, our member-led peer advisory service, speaks directly to you in this section. You’ll find succinct advice on topics such as global sourcing management or wise counsel on how to resolve thorny leadership issues.

Thrive: Our final section is all about you. We’ll shine a light on your personal development from the Zen of work-life balance to a tune-up of your public speaking skills or career strategies.

Finish: We wrap it all up with a striking photo and extended caption that brings you IT from strange places and surprising angles.

As today’s business realities fast-forward CIOs toward a future of unprecedented challenge, we’re glad to be heading there with you. Read on.