Are You Missing Hiring the Best People?

If you haven't recently, try spending a few minutes reading a few postings on one of the job web sites (CareerBuilder, Monster, Workopolis, etc). The typical full-time job posting details the job's functions and qualifications for candidates. It may also give a bit of background about the company and its leadership position in its industry, its challenging atmosphere, and that it's a great place to work with terrific benefits. Those applying provide all information electronically, usually a combination of a resume and some additional information use for screening applicants to select the few that meet those qualifications for further review. Screening is often an exercise in keyword searches, and the results will only be those candidates whose input included all of the words (the highest "buzzword bingo" scores). And there's the problem. All of this is done without evaluating the person as a whole. There is no room for someone whose career path doesn't fit the perceived norm. For