by Diane Frank

Tips To Help Global CIOs Abroad

Jun 09, 2010

CIOs of global enterprises face more hurdles involving people and processes than technology.

Establish structure and consistency

Standardization of technology policies and processes across countries’ borders is just as much a part of maintaining the sense of “one company, many locations” as having a single mission statement. Common environments create shared experiences, expectations and understanding, all of which are more important than ever as technology enables real-time international collaboration.

Move the experts

If technical or management expertise doesn’t reside in a particular location, put people there who can provide it until the local team learns.

Acknowledge all stakeholders

Function managers are not the only mid-level leaders in a global company—country managers must also buy into process change.

Avoid stalling out

In-country infrastructure and pressure from locals to maintain the status quo can cause delays. Don’t let that kill corporate momentum.

Flex for success

Accommodate, don’t negotiate, when addressing drastically different local regulations on corporate technology or personnel policy.