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SharePoint Bible: Your Complete Guide to Microsoft’s Collaboration Software

Jul 13, 20116 mins
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Updated: From pricing questions to enterprise and cloud adoption trends to reviews of SharePoint 2010,'s SharePoint Bible covers it all. Our guide delivers expert reviews, advice on planning and rollout, and news analysis on Microsoft's powerhouse content and collaboration platform.

Enterprise Adoption


Four Ways the Red Sox are Scoring with SharePoint

The Boston Red Sox IT group had been left stranded on base by manual processes that handled ticket requests, invoices and fan mail. But now that they’ve built an intranet portal using SharePoint 2010 they’re speeding towards home.

How We’re Using SharePoint 2010 to Connect Our People

Commercial real estate firm Colliers implemented SharePoint 2010 to help its global workforce collaborate. So far it has been a huge success, but the firm had to customize SharePoint’s search tools and user interface design before getting all its people on the same page.

Three Phases of SharePoint: What Type of User Are You?

Is your company using SharePoint to the fullest? Probably not. According to Microsoft there are three phases of SharePoint use that range from connecting employees through social networking to building new technologies that boost the bottom line.

BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint First Look: Screen Shots, Details

CIO’s Al Sacco offers a first look at the upcoming BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint, along with details on the add-on.

Microsoft SharePoint: 5 Tips for Keeping Content Private

SharePoint content is sprawling, and requires that IT support content sharing and collaboration while also enforcing strict policies within departments to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. Here are five ground rules for protecting content in SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint: Three Deployment Challenges

SharePoint is an enterprise behemoth, but getting it up and running is still rife with challenges, according to a new survey.

Microsoft SharePoint: Users Still Don’t Get It

A new survey shows workers still fear the SharePoint. IT must narrow SharePoint deployments and educate users, says one analyst.

SharePoint 2010: Three Ways Sony Is Using It

Sony Electronics is tapping SharePoint 2010’s social networking and document sharing tools to better unify its far-flung workforce.

SharePoint in the Cloud

Office 365: Car Dealer Revs Up for Growth with Microsoft Cloud Service

Here’s a look at how and why the Hendrick Automative Group is using Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service to relieve an overburdened staff, scale the company and save money.

Slideshow: 13 Cool Features of Office 365

Take a look at a slew of cool features inside Microsoft’s cloud-based service that combines Office, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange.

Office 365: It’s Not Just for SMBs

Microsoft’s focus at the Office 365 launch event in New York City was on small and midsize businesses. For enterprises, however, moving to Office 365 is more complicated, but benefits await those big businesses that plan accordingly.

Manpower, Tampa General Embrace the Cloud

Several companies, including Manpower and Tampa General Hospital, are announcing their adoption of Microsoft BPOS applications, pointing to progress the software giant is making in the cloud realm and also to new features and pricing models users would like to see as such software becomes a bigger part of corporate IT.

Microsoft Office 365: Your Guide to a Slew of Versions, Prices

With the new Office 365, Microsoft is saying bye to BPOS and re-packaging some collaboration and Office apps. But as usual, it produced a confusing pile of versions: We break down your options.

Clouds Hang Over Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010 Launch

The Redmond giant takes on the cloud with the release of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010: More Cloud-Friendly than Past Versions

SharePoint’s many moving pieces have not traditionally fit neatly into the cloud. But SharePoint 2010 addresses that problem — with three key changes.

Q&A: Inside Microsoft’s Cloud Model for Productivity Apps

Corporate VP of Microsoft Online Services Ron Markezich discusses the joys and pitfalls of productivity apps in the cloud, how to mix your own data center with Microsoft’s cloud model, and the rising tide of BPOS competitors. Hint: It’s not just Google.

SharePoint 2010: The Next Generation

Hilton CIO: 4 Reasons We’re Checking In SharePoint and Office 2010

Collaboration, cloud flexibility and presence features are among the reasons Hilton Hotels Worldwide has decided to roll out SharePoint and Office 2010. CIO Robert Webb sat down with’s Shane O’Neill for this Q&A.

Slideshow: 10 Things We Love About SharePoint 2010

We put the final version of SharePoint 2010 through its paces and find that Microsoft has delivered a multi-purpose tool for collaboration, business intelligence and social networking that delivers a bigger bang because of its tight coupling with Office 2010.

How One Company Made SharePoint 2010 More Social

IT services giant Unisys was inspired by a new CEO and a SharePoint upgrade to give its employees more social tools — but it took a third party to get SharePoint 2010 fully socialized.

Microsoft Eats Its Own SharePoint 2010 Dog Food: 7 Lessons

In the tradition of ‘eating your own dog food,” Microsoft shares best practices that it learned while using Sharepoint 2010 for social networking and podcasting.

Ten Things You Need to Know About SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft’s SharePoint Server is one of those wildly popular products that defies categorization. It’s not easy to pin down because SharePoint focuses on six diverse areas: collaboration, portal, search, enterprise content management, business process management and business intelligence.

Governance: A Key Requirement for SharePoint 2010

Unfortunately, many organizations ignore the importance of Governance for SharePoint, when it is key for its operation.

SharePoint 2010: Five New and Improved Features

You may not need all the features SharePoint 2010 has to offer, but advances in areas such as social media, offline access and better CRM and ERP integration make it worth a look. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and/or improved.

Pricing Information

How to Determine the True Cost of Microsoft SharePoint

A list of the many costs involved in implementing and supporting Microsoft SharePoint, including ones you might never have expected.

How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

A business case for SharePoint should clearly articulate the hard ROI, soft ROI, and the risks that the system will mitigate.

Microsoft Targets Google Apps, Cuts Exchange, SharePoint Online Prices

Microsoft has cut in half its per user per month list price for Exchange Online services and cut by 33 percent the price of its Business Productivity Online Services suite of online productivity applications.

The Competition

SharePoint 2010: Four Big-Name Social Networking Rivals

IBM, Cisco, Google and Salesforce all aim to beat Microsoft SharePoint 2010 at the high-stakes enterprise social networking game — and have recently made some smart plays. Here’s a look at how the rivals currently stack up.

Oracle Makes a Fresh Run At SharePoint

Oracle is hoping to make new inroads against the likes of Microsoft SharePoint with WebCenter Suite 11g, which was announced Tuesday.

SharePoint: Is Microsoft’s Biggest Recent Success At Risk?

Yes, the user base of the collaboration tool is growing, but it might be shelfware whose hold on the enterprise could be threatened by easier-to-use offerings.

Microsoft SharePoint: Three Sleek Social Networking Alternatives

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 promises more enterprise social networking tools, but if you’re still questioning the cost and complexity, here’s a look at some lean and mean alternatives.

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