by Thomas Wailgum

10 Warning Signs Your IT Career Is in Trouble

Feb 10, 2010

Meetings with weasely consultants. Nicknames that would make teenage girls cringe. Learn about all the red flags that indicate your IT career will soon explode like a bad bottle of Mountain Dew.

A Meeting with “The Bobs”

A consultant (usually named “Bob”) schedules a meeting with you to discuss “how people at your company spend their day at work.” Not good. Because you know what’s coming next: “What would you say ya do here?”

Nickname Goes From Nerdy to Nasty


Your nickname among the terrified and brow-beaten user community: “Last Resort,” because no employee ever wants to call you for help at what they call the IT “hurt” desk.

Meet the Mall Cops


Your upcoming performance review looks so terrible that the HR administrator has asked Tim and Gene (the company’s “friendly” security guards) to “sit in” on the meeting, “you know, just in case.”

A “New” Workspace


They took away your blazing-fast Dell PC, three HD monitors, VoIP phone and gray walls of your cubicle. Your new tech setup: What appears to be a late-model Tandy 1000 residing on a faux-wood desk in the old janitor’s closet.

You’re Cast in the Land of the Lost


Your tech skills are so out of date, younger IT staffers refer to you as “Barney the Dinosaur” or “Captain COBOL.”

“Special Project for a Special Employee”


You’re racking your brain as to why you were pulled off that strategic BI implementation and put on this special assignment: “Corporate Research Project: The Market for Our Ice-Cube Product in Antarctica.”

Spy Games


The digital “paper trail” that’s noting your whereabouts and documenting your every interaction with superiors is so voluminous that it requires its own server.

They’re Just Not That In to You


You walk into the room of the big “CRM Kickoff” team meeting between IT and the business side, and the VP of marketing groans and then sarcastically says, “Great, we get ‘Dr. No’ for this one. Good luck getting the software we actually want, guys!”

You’ve “Branded” Yourself, All Right, Bub


All your extra work on pumping up your “personal brand” on social media sites has, unfortunately, created an undesirable FAIL for the rest of the company: Twitter, Facebook and most every other social-media website have been added to the corporate “blocked” list, due to the “overzealous use of the websites by one company employee.” Thanks, pal.

A “Unique” Overseas Opportunity


The location of your new “globe-trotting” IT assignment, destined to put valuable multi-national experience on your resume? Afghanistan. “Have a safe flight!”

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