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WorldMate BlackBerry Travel App Gets LinkedIn Features; Still No Official LinkedIn App

Feb 09, 2010
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Popular mobile travel application, WorldMate for BlackBerry, has been updated to include new LinkedIn social networking features, making it the "first BlackBerry app for LinkedIn." But there's still no sign of an "official" app from the social network operator.

LinkedIn users with BlackBerry smartphones are still waiting for an official LinkedIn for BlackBerry app–though that application is “coming soon,” according to the company.

WorldMate for BlackBerry with LinkedIn Features
WorldMate for BlackBerry with LinkedIn Features

In the meantime, BlackBerry users itching to get their thumbs on a mobile LinkedIn client will find the next best thing in the WorldMate for BlackBerry travel app, which incorporates a number of cool LinkedIn features into its latest build, v3.5.28.6.

The new WorldMate functionality gives users a look at which LinkedIn “Connections” or contacts are nearby at any given time. Pop-up alerts can be setup so lists of nearby contacts appear when you arrive in a new destination. And you can quickly share itinerary information with LinkedIn colleagues, as well view their profiles, via WorldMate for BlackBerry.

WorldMate is by far my favorite travel app for BlackBerry. I’ve been using it for years–I remember when the company was called Mobimate. And I’ve come to rely so heavily on the software that the thought of hitting the road without it fills me with a feeling of unease. Seriously. That’s because WorldMate keeps track of and organizes all of my flight data, as well my rental car, hotel and any addition itinerary information I may need, so all I have to think about is getting to my next destination.

And best of all, WorldMate is available for free–though you’ll need to upgrade to a “Gold” membership if you desire full access to all of WorldMate’s travel features. (Find more FREE BlackBerry apps here.) The new, location-based LinkedIn features, which also let users message Connections and update LinkedIn status messages on the fly, are all available in the free version of WorldMate, so you can try them out without ever opening your wallet.

WorldMate does not provide the full functionality one would expect from a dedicated LinkedIn app. For example, you can’t add new contacts or view LinkedIn Groups activity, etc. But it’s currently the “first BlackBerry app for LinkedIn,” according to the WorldMate. And it’s certainly better than nothing, which is what LinkedIn itself has offered BlackBerry users.

I’ve been calling for a LinkedIn for BlackBerry app for years. I’ve written about it multiple times. And while I’m certainly glad to see WorldMate step up its game and incorporate LinkedIn into its app, I can’t help but feel impatient for a more robust, “true” BlackBerry app from LinkedIn. The company showed off LinkedIn for BlackBerry at the recent BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco. (Check out my photos of the application unveiling here.) But the LinkedIn website only says the app is “coming soon.”

I’m just hoping that “soon” means this year…

You can download WorldMate for BlackBerry and find additional information on the app on


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