by Al Sacco

Gold Smartphones 30% Off: 24ct BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 3GS, Nokia E72

Jan 25, 2010
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U.K.-based luxury retailer Goldstriker has reduced the prices of its 24ct gold BlackBerry Bold 9000, iPhone 3GS and Nokia E72 offerings by roughly 30 percent each, making the precious-metal status-symbols slightly more attainable...but not much.

Looking for a unique way to differentiate your smartphone from the rest of crowd? Got a wad of cash burnin’ a hole through your wallet-pocket? Is your favorite James Bond flick “Goldfinger?”

Goldstiker's BlackBerry Bold Full 24ct Gold Edition
Goldstiker’s BlackBerry Bold Full 24ct Gold Edition

If so, you’re in luck. U.K.-based electronics-jeweler Goldstriker International just let me know that it has reduced the prices for three of its shiniest, gold-adorned handsets by roughly 30 percent each until the end of January.

That price-cut means you can now pick up the “BlackBerry Bold 9000 Full 24ct Gold Edition” smartphone for just $1,700 (regular price $2,400); the “iPhone 3GS Half 24ct Gold Edition” is available for $1,450, down from about $1,930; and the $1,130-“Nokia E72 24ct Gold Edition” can now be had for about $890.

While these golden handsets are still quite pricey, the captions Goldstriker sent along with each photo are truly priceless. For example:

“The Blackberry Bold just got bolder…The front, sides and rear section [sic] have been embellished in 24ct gold. This is luxury communication for the business Fashionista.”

Business Fashionista–with a capital “F”?!? I really must meet this rich, mysterious, smartphone-loving diva…

For the gold iPhone 3GS:

“Considered as the worlds [sic] most tricked up handset the 3GS iphone [sic] is amazing.”

And here I was thinking my customized BlackBerry Bold 9700 was the most “tricked-up” handset. Damn, y’all…”amazing.”

Goldstriker's Nokia E72 24ct Gold Edition
Goldstriker’s Nokia E72 24ct Gold Edition

So. Go to town, Mr. Moneybags. But remember, this sale only lasts until February 1, 2010.

If you decide on that funky “gold Bold,” you may also be interested in Alexander Amosu’s custom crocodile-, python- and ostrich-skin cases for just $660 more. Hey, if you’ve got it, why not throw your funds away on gaudy accessories, right?

And if you still haven’t slaked that craving for glittering gadgets with exorbitant price tags, pop on over to my recent slide show detailing the Hottest–and Priciest–BlackBerry smartphones.


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