by Thomas Wailgum

9 Tech Things I Won’t Do This Holiday ’09 Vacation

Dec 22, 2009
Enterprise ApplicationsIT LeadershipMobile blogger Thomas Wailgum has identified nine "technology traps" to avoid this holiday season, and he's taken the pledge to do so himself. But does he really stand a chance?

In honor of the close of 2009, here are nine technology-related tasks that I plan to avoid at all costs during this holiday break—and you should, too…if you really, really, really want to get away from all the tech trappings that can encroach upon your personal life.

1. Test out the free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s. If I’m bringing my laptop to MickeyD’s to do anything—even if the connection is now free for all—then I’ve really lost any realistic grip on reality. And besides, I’m a Whopper guy.

2. Use my iPhone during church. OK, so I don’t even own an iPhone. But c’mon, people! I’m certainly not holier than thou…just more polite than thou.

Smartphone Christmas Tree
Image credit: flickr

3. Tweet from a holiday get-together about in-laws, questionable cheese dip, or how “happy the kids seem with their gifts.” Just… step … away … from … the … Twitter … app.

4. Think about any tech acronyms (such as ERP, CRM, BI or SaaS). These are only three acronyms I will be thinking about: NHL, NFL, NBA.

5. Check work e-mail. This is going to be the toughest one to pull off, I can feel it, but I’m going to be strong. It’s similar to my plan to say “No, thanks” to that second serving of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip pie, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

6. Contemplate what Larry Ellison is doing right now.

7. Listen to an NPR story about people exchanging or returning their holiday gifts at retailers and immediately ponder the supply-chain implications if, say, too many people this holiday season return gifts and seek cash back as a refund or store credit. But…what about all that inventory?!?

8. Wonder if we’re still the only family in America without a Wii. (“Candyland again, kids?” Sigh.)

9. Work. And neither should you, but unfortunately all signs are pointing toward a lot of “working at home” (WAH) grousing from spouses this break. Wah, wah, wah.

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