by Michael Friedenberg

What Are You All Doing?

Nov 23, 2009
Enterprise Applications

In the spirit of celebrating one of the hottest social media trends this year—Twitter—I offer my closing column of 2009 in "tweet" format.

Here is my countdown of the top 10 trends to watch in 2010:

    10. Social media is a reality. Drives more GRC headachesas we see it unfold on Facebook.

    9. Desktop in question. Win7, desktop virtualization, netbooks, thin-client, refresh cycle. Who wins?

    8. Where will nxt Heartland-style breach hit? How safe R U?

    7. IT budgets flat in the U.S. but “flat is the new up.”

    6. Windows 7 exceeds expectations, Vista just a bad memory. Did it really happen?

    5. SaaS, cloud, virt, open source, social media, netbooks, mobile, etc. offer new alternatives, gain broad acceptance.

    4. CIO mindset still focused on ROI + risk mitigation > innovation. At least innovation is in the equation now.

    3. Cloud is real. Ellison changes mind, sees the “Sun”light.

    2. Transformation of IT to BT continues. Biz IT alignment turns to BT convergence.

    1. CEO + stable economy = 🙂 CIO

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