by Kristin Burnham

Top 10 Twitter Lists for Techies

Nov 17, 2009
Enterprise Applications

Twitter Lists help you organize the people whom you follow into groups that are shareable with others. Here are 10 of our favorite lists helpful to every techie.

Twitter Lists, a feature designed to let you organize the people whom you follow into groups that are shareable with others, has picked up steam since rolling out publicly a few weeks ago. In fact, nearly 9 million lists have already been created.

The Twitter List function helps cut down on the noise in your Twitter feed and can lead to new discoveries of people worth following. Searching for lists is easy: Third-party sites are already starting to pop up. Listorious, for example, is a searchable directory that helps you find lists based on keywords.

Here are 10 of our favorite lists—essential for every techie—covering everything from mobile mavens to social media to top tech bloggers.

  • Robert Scoble’s Most Influential in Tech

    Tech blogger Robert Scoble’s 40 Twitter lists have each found themselves hundreds of followers. You’ll find more than 200 of IT’s famous faces in this list.

  • Abbie Lundberg’s CIO list

    For a comprehensive list of CIOs, check out Lundberg’s list. Lundberg is a business technology analyst, communications advisor and former editor-in-chief of CIO magazine.

  • Louis Gray’s Top Tech Bloggers

    Gray, a tech blogger based in Silicon Valley, lists 59 of his favorite tech bloggers from around the world.

  • Robert Scoble’s Tech News Brands

    Check out this additional Scoble list if you want your fix of industry news from over 500 tech brands.
  • Nicki Black’s Legal Tech Thinkers

    Black is a lawyer who tweets about the bridge between online technologies and lawyers, small businesses and PR professionals. If you’re interested in the intersection of law and technology, follow this list.
  • George Reese’s Cloud list

    Reese, founder and CTO of enStratus, a cloud infrastructure management platform, lists some of the smartest people in cloud computing.
  • Michael Krigsman’s Enterprise Strong Voices

    Krigsman, a tech writer, includes top enterprise thought leaders, “each with a clear, distinctive voice,” he says.
  • Peter Urbanski’s Developers list

    Need to connect with fellow developers? Urbanski, a developer, designer and Web publisher, compiled a list of coding experts with several areas of interest: PHP, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL, etc.
  • Tamara Gruber’s Mobile list

    Gruber, a marketing consultant for tech and mobile companies, lists over 200 mostly-U.S.-based mobile visionaries and evangelists.
  • Courtenay Bird’s Digital and Social Media list

    Bird, whose interests lie in the intersection of business and new media, lists 500 digital and social media gurus, including both well-known names and up-and-comers.

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