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BlackBerry Users Get Free Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi App

Oct 27, 2009
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Boingo Wireless has released the free Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi application for BlackBerry smartphones. Boingo Mobile is now available for all major smartphone platforms, including the iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian S60.

Boingo Wireless, an international network of both wired Internet zones and Wi-Fi hotspots, today released Boingo Mobile for BlackBerry, a free application that lets the company’s subscribers know whenever they’re in range of Boingo hotspots so they can then connect “with a single click.”

graphic for Boingo Mobile for BlackBerry
Boingo Mobile for BlackBerry

Boingo Mobile for BlackBerry is free, but it requires a subscription to the company’s mobile Wi-Fi service, which costs $7.95 per month. The application is available immediately on the company’s website, but only three Wi-Fi-enabled RIM devices are supported at this time: the BlackBerry Curve 8320; BlackBerry Curve 8900; and the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

The application is a simple one. It detects Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots when in range and then prompts users to see if they want to connect. The idea is provide high-speed wireless connectivity to Boingo customers whenever there’s poor 3G cellular coverage or when they want to save on data charges, according to Boingo.

The addition of BlackBerry support to Boingo Mobile means the company now offers mobile Wi-Fi applications for all of the major smartphone platforms, including Apple’s iPhone OS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Google’s Android and Symbian S60. Boingo Mobile subscribers can presumably employ the application on their different smartphones, so a user with both an iPhone and BlackBerry could use both devices to connect to Boingo Wi-Fi without paying extra.

Boingo Wireless says its international network of more than 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots is the world’s largest.

I recently reviewed a similar application meant specifically for enterprise users, called iPassConnect for BlackBerry, and iPass claims to provide access to more than 140,000 international Wi-Fi hotspots.


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