by Thomas Wailgum

Tech: 9 Things I Still Hate About You

Oct 26, 2009
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Sure, we all claim to love technology. But there's just as much to loathe about the world of tech and techies - whether it's internal users suffering from PEBKAC, IT workers lost in their own acronym-filled worlds, Apple devotees, or early-adopter consumers who love themselves a little too much.

Mobile Devices’ Exorbitant TCO

How about the insanely high cost of owning a smartphone? And we’re not talking just about the devices themselves—there are the wireless service contracts, monthly taxes, roaming charges, surcharges and other fees on many of these carrier- and network-“exclusive” devices. One industry estimate: $3,800 for two years of service. “For a lot of folks,” notes a article, “the monthly smartphone bill can be as big as, say, a car payment.”

Terribly Trendy Tech Lines


Depression-era food lines? That’s understandable. Waiting in terribly long lines—in the rain or in blazing hot sun—for the release of the newest iPhone? Hmmm. Obsess much?

Mass Insecurity on the Web


Two decades of security research and it often still feels you’re just one unfortunate click away from infecting your computer with some virus, having your identity stolen by Eastern European hackers, or spreading malware to hundreds of millions of others on Facebook. Using public Wi-Fi at a restaurant today? It feels like a sailor going into a South Pacific port-of-call and not bringing any “protection.”

Tech Acronyms


The gig is up, techies: Hiding behind acronyms and tech terminology (“It’s a SaaS-based CRM system with an intuitive UI”) is one sure way to get passed over for a promotion—or shown the door. Empowered business users just aren’t having any of it anymore. Real geeks get the business and can communicate effectively. Try some plain-old-English-as-a-Service.

The Hour or So It Takes to Start a PC


You can bake a cake, pick up your dry cleaning or take the dog for a walk in the time it takes to start or restart a Windows PC. It’s all thanks to the funky gunk your PC seems to accumulate daily, slowing processing speeds similar to those of the geriatric set on Florida interstates. (You could, of course, just wipe your hard drive every six months or so. Or: Buy a Mac.)

Digital Rights Management


Wait…what “rights” do users actually get with DRM technologies? Yeah, not so much.

Annoying Early Adopters


Don’t you just hate those early adopters who love nothing better than to brag to anyone who will listen about how they’re early adopters. Whether it’s the Kindle or the Tandy TRS-80 from Radio Shack back in the late 1970s—it was just as annoying back then as it is now.

Consumer Excess


No doubt, the United States is a nation of excess—with food, with cars, with technology. How many iPods do you own and actually need? (Like this person’s collection, at left.) How much storage do you really need at work for your e-mail? Me, me, me.

Sucky Standardization


Whether it’s your collection of dusty remote controls, ERP apps that don’t talk to each other, or the fact that there’s no universal charger that can work with your notebook, phone and mp3 player…ah, heck, the list goes on and on. Gadgets should play better together by now.


Sometimes, the best messages are the most simple (even if they’re misspelled).

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