by Carolyn Johnson

CIO Technology Survey Results

Oct 01, 2009
IT Leadership

Top Technologies of Interest to IT Buyers Today: Cloud Computing, BI, Business Process Management

Cloud computing services (60 percent), business intelligence (51 percent), and business process management (51 percent) are among the leading technology priorities of interest to IT professionals in the coming year, according to an exclusive survey among 797 visitors involved in technology purchases at their organizations. The survey, conducted earlier this summer, also finds more IT buyers interested in cloud computing services and open source technologies than last year. Six out of 10 respondents count cloud services among the infrastructure technologies on their radar (36 percent) actively researching (24 percent), up from 46 percent in a similar survey conducted in November, 2008. Open source technologies are on the radar screens or under investigation for nearly half of IT buyers surveyed (48 percent), up from 37 percent eight months ago.

When it comes to green IT initiatives, fewer than one-third of the IT buyers we surveyed (31 percent) currently have any programs addressing energy efficient IT in effect. Thirty seven percent are starting to address the issue while nearly a third of respondents (32 percent) have no plans for energy efficient IT programs.

Hardware Infrastructure, ERP and Mobile/Wireless Upgrades Planned for Year Ahead

The survey also asked IT professionals which technologies they are currently implementing or planning to upgrade in the next year. More than half of survey respondents are currently implementing (27 percent) or planning upgrades (24 percent) to their hardware infrastructure. Server virtualization (26 percent), collaboration tools (21 percent) and content/document management applications (21 percent) also rank among the most frequently cited technologies IT buyers are in the process of implementing while roughly one in five IT buyers are planning upgrades to their ERP (21 percent) and mobile/wireless (20 percent) applications. To register for complete survey results click here.