by Kristin Burnham

LinkedIn Quick Tip: How Hotmail Users Can Grow Their Network

Mar 30, 2011
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Using a feature called Active Views, Microsoft Hotmail users can send LinkedIn connection requests and follow companies without leaving their e-mail inbox.

Last year, Microsoft rolled out a new feature to Hotmail called Active Views, which lets users work within the body of an e-mail without being directed to a new page. Active Views, for example, lets you view Flickr slideshows within the e-mail message and browse and add new Netflix titles to your queue without having to visit the Netflix site.

Now LinkedIn has collaborated with Microsoft, rolling out connection invite e-mails using Active Views, which allows LinkedIn’s Hotmail users take full advantage of the feature.


LinkedIn’s Moses Ting, a user experience designer, says that LinkedIn’s motivation in partnering with Microsoft arose from the realization that traditional e-mail fails in helping manage the onslaught of having to do more across more mediums in order to stay connected with your friends and colleagues.

“Traditionally, e-mail has more or less served as a delivery vehicle for static content. Static content succeeds when it’s used properly to present information or to drive a limited set of actions,” he says. “However, today’s world demands much more from the working professional.”

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Now, when you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn and the other person accepts, you receive an e-mail about the successful connection. Within that e-mail, LinkedIn highlights insights about the other person’s network by showing who they’re connected with and which companies they follow.

With Active Views, you can now work directly within the e-mail to send requests to connect with people you might know and follow companies you’re interested in.

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