by Michael Friedenberg

Three CIO Forums for Peer-to-Peer Resources

Mar 25, 2011
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CIOs find guidance from their peers to be of the highest value. Here are three forums provided by CIO magazine where CIOs can connect with one another.

As much as we like to think that CIO magazine provides you all the information, insight and guidance you need about your profession, we know that there are other resources that CIOs find valuable. What they all seem to have in common is that they offer a peer-to-peer perspective.

When you look for the best insights and ideas to help you excel at your job, you look first and foremost to each other. We see that dynamic in action at all of our CIO executive events, where the quality of the peer networking consistently ranks as your number one reason for attending.

But you may be less aware of some other useful CIO offerings that I’d like to recommend as a great way to expand on those valuable peer connections.

The first is our CIO Forum on LinkedIn, which has grown to more than 40,000 qualified members. This forum recently won an industry award for best social community, and it offers many ways to gain and share insights on a multitude of business technology topics that affect the CIO. We launched this in January 2008 and have watched its astonishing growth ever since.

The second is our CIO Executive Council, a global peer-advisory community of 750 global enterprises and more than 1,400 IT leaders dedicated to the success of the IT profession. The Council’s programs serve all points in the IT professional lifecycle, from students considering IT careers through rising IT managers to the most accomplished CIOs in Fortune 1000 and midmarket companies. Council members are committed to helping one another save time and money, avoid mistakes, and make better decisions.

Lastly, the newest of our online resources is the Enterprise CIO Forum. This global forum is designed by and for CIOs and senior IT leaders from the world’s largest multinational companies. The focus is on driving business transformation and better business outcomes, and the forum will feature a range of executive research and tools, case studies and other resources.

I hope you’ll explore each of these peer-based forums and let me know if you find some value there.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and thank you for being a loyal reader of CIO.

Michael Friedenberg is the president and CEO of CIO magazine’s parent company, IDG Enterprise. E-mail him at