by Tom Kaneshige

10 iPhone and iPad Apps to Download, Then Delete

Mar 22, 2011
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Some of the best iPhone and iPad apps are seasonal or have a short shelf life -- that is, they fill a fleeting need. So go ahead and download these apps, then delete them when you're finished. It's okay, really.

Big News: NHK World TV

The ongoing disaster in Japan has gripped the world’s attention. It’s no wonder the NHK World TV Live app for iPhone (free) became one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store last week. NHK, or Japan Broadcasting Corp., delivers around the clock news and video in English via the app.

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Sporting Event: NCAA March Madness


It’s March madness, baby! (That saying never gets old.) NCAA March Madness On Demand for iPhone and iPad (free) streams live videos of games and sends score alerts, although the videos have around a 30 second delay compared to live television casts. Another sports app with a short shelf- life is Draft Kit 2011: Front Office Baseball for iPhone ($2).

Slideshow: 15 Best iPhone Apps for Newbies

Slideshow: 15 Best iPad Apps for Newbies

Magazine: GQ


Most guys think nothing of plopping down $5 for an issue of GQ at the magazine rack, the same price for the iPad version with bonus video and coverage. Each issue of GQ used to be an app; now you can download the app and buy an issue via an in-app purchase. It makes the list because a monthly entertainment magazine is quick, fun fare that’s soon cast away.

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I’m Going to Disneyland: Disneyland iGuide — Walkee


Kids go crazy when they get to Disneyland, running from attraction to attraction. You’ll be thankful to have Disneyland iGuide — Walkee for the iPhone ($3), which has everything from maps to an itinerary to places to eat. It also has ride wait times and check boxes that help you manage your time more efficiently. It’ll be the most used app while you’re at the famed park. Not so much after that.

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Next Up: At Bat 11


Spring means the start of baseball, and there’s no better app for baseball fans than At Bat 11 for the iPhone and iPad ($15). Watch live streaming of games. Follow favorite players and teams. Catch breaking baseball news. When the season is over, so is the app’s usefulness. Oh, one more thing: Go Giants!

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Slideshow: 15 Best iPad Apps for Newbies

Tax Season: TurboTax


If you haven’t filed your taxes by now, better get to it. Tick-tock, tick-tock. You might want to get TurboTax 2010 for iPad ($30 for federal, $37 for state). The app works just like the popular desktop software, only your fingers will have to do all the tapping and dragging. Afterwards, feel free to rid your iPad of the headache-inducing app.

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Travel Destination: Free Maui


When taking a Maui vacation, you’ll pay plenty in airfare, hotel and food. Spending a buck for Free Maui for iPhone is a no-brainer. “Free Maui is a good app for revealing the best of Maui, whether you’re traveling the road to Hana or checking out the view from Upcountry,” says Jennifer Jacobson, director of PR and social media at Retrevo. She just returned from the island paradise.

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School Bound: College Confidential


Angst-ridden high school grads don’t have much time between college applications and the start of classes. College Confidential for iPhone (free) serves up college discussion forums covering all sorts of topics, from financial aid to college life. ACT College Search for iPhone (free) provides demographics and cost of tuition for almost every university in the U.S.

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Get in Shape: Lose It!


If you’re like I am, you’ve probably put on a few pounds this winter. Summer is only three months away. Time to download Lose It! for the iPhone (free) to count calories, track workouts and reach weight goals. One guy I spoke with credits the app for helping him lose 50 pounds. Once you’ve established a routine, you probably won’t use the app much anymore.

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Hotspot: AT&T Personal Hotspot


AT&T Personal Hotspot for the iPhone ($20 per month) turns your phone into a hotspot that connects other devices including the iPad. Best of all, you can turn the feature on and off, paying only for the months you need it, which fits our list’s use-once-throw-away theme. Sure, it’s not an app (the feature is part of the recently released iOS 4.3.), but that’s splitting hairs. MiWi app does the same thing, only you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone.

Slideshow: 15 Best iPad Apps for Newbies

Slideshow: 15 Best iPhone Apps for Newbies