Top Mac-o-Lanterns From Around the Web

A snapshot of Apple devotion expressed via carved vegetation.

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Apple devotion

A snapshot of Apple devotion expressed via carved vegetation.

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Not a fanboy, really?

Poqua on Flickr says: I'm not an Apple fanboy, although I do have a Mac mini. I just like logos.

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A fall fruit

Apple's abound in the fall.

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Mac Rumors

A pumpkin a day

Taking a bite.

mac o lanterns 5

Halloween Woz

From Geek Culture: "Behold the Great Geek Pumpkin... Steve Wozniak! Halloween has never been happier!"

mac o lanterns 6


A tad dated, but still Mac-cool. From Quinn's Apple Halloween 1995.

mac o lanterns 7

Spooky Mac

Has that same feel as the Headless Horseman.

mac o lanterns 8

Greater than

Mac is greater than Windows.

mac o lanterns 9


It is like little baby Macs on the bench.

mac o lanterns 10

Ghost of Happy Mac

From Geek Culture: "Awwww, what a cute little fella! The Ghost of the Happy Mac!"

mac o lanterns 11
Gryphonsmith Graphyx

Illuminated Mac

It's the great pumpkin.

mac o lanterns 12
Libertina's Revamp

A new desktop

That might be taking things a bit too far.

mac o lanterns 13


Mac haters in the neighborhood or does this signify OS X?

mac o lanterns 14


Add a little bling to your pumpkin.

mac o lanterns 15

Shaved pumpkin

It is one thing to take the time to cut into a pumpkin, but to shave it?

mac o lanterns 16

X marks the spot

OS X reigns supreme.

mac o lanterns 17


Music crazed fans.

mac o lanterns 18
iPumpkin --


Has sort of an echo sound to it.

mac o lanterns 19
istolethetv's photostream |

Open up

This pumpkin is wired to go.

mac o lanterns 20

Friendly faces

This won't scare anyone.

mac o lanterns 21
Halloween Pumpkins -- MIT

Getting along?

Can the two operating pumpkins live on the same step?

mac o lanterns 22

Type cast

Treasure inside?

mac o lanterns 23
Mike Skott



mac o lanterns 24


Cool color.

mac o lanterns 25


If your Mac classic is just collecting dust, and your local grocer is out of pumpkin -- let this be your inspiration.

mac o lanterns 26
Ryan in Seattle


The late Steve Jobs is memorialized in a pumpkin.

mac o lanterns 27

All lit up

Weigh in on our top picks and/or share your own Mac-o-lantern.

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