December Issue

Pharma Company Prefers Vertical Industry Cloud

A biotech company turns to a cloud service tailored to the specific needs of the life sciences industry--and its regulations

Cloud services designed specifically for particular industries are becoming more common, especially in highly regulated fields. That benefits companies such as Questcor Pharmaceuticals, which wanted a cloud-based CRM system but couldn't find what it needed from one-size-fits-all vendors.

As a specialty drug maker, Questcor needed pharma-specific capabilities to meet its needs for regulatory compliance, plus the agility to help get products to market quickly. (The company was recently acquired by global specialty pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt, in a $5.8 billion deal.)

Questcor deployed a cloud offering from Veeva that is aimed specifically at the life sciences market. The service is designed to help life sciences companies with strategic issues such as getting drugs to market faster, maximizing sales of existing drugs and maintaining compliance with government regulations. The Veeva cloud offering, which Questcor uses as its sales management platform, includes CRM and content management capabilities.

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