10 Cool Marketing Automation Startups to Watch

Marketing automation can help can help businesses better target prospects, find and test new products and services. These 10 startups can help businesses plug gaps in their marketing strategy and offer solutions to problems companies might not even know they have.

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7. MobileROI

What they do: Provide mobile-first marketing automation software.

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

CEO: Puneet Mehta, who formerly served as SVP of Technology at Citi Capital Markets.

Founded: 2010

Funding: $6 million from BMWi, Firstmark Capital, iA Ventures. and NYC EDC.

Problem they tackle: Despite the fact that more and more consumers consider smartphones and tablets their go-to computing devices, mobile advertising still leans on practices developed for the Web or even for older broadcasting mediums. Push messages seem random and intrusive, while in-app marketing tends to alienate users.

Meanwhile, consumers increasingly expect brand interactions to be highly relevant to their immediate situation – anything else is an unwanted interruption. MobileROI argues that today’s so-called “personalized” customer experiences are based on shallow data, such as your purchase history, your gender, whether you’re single or married, where you live, etc.

While this sort of demographic information certainly helps to tailor experiences to some degree, the biggest driver of what makes something personal and relevant – your immediate context and needs – has been neglected. Over the mobile channel, this is a major problem that costs brands serious money.

Why they're on this list: MobileROI helps brands automatically deliver highly individualized mobile experiences, messages, advertisements, and offers using interest graphs, live signals, and current customer context.

MobileROI leverages predictive analytics, context-sensitivity, and personalization at scale and taps into the growing number of smartphone sensors and other external data signals to give brands a periscope into the lives of their consumers, ensuring every brand interaction is delivered when it’s highly personal and relevant to the individual customer’s immediate situation.

According to MobileROI, important up-to-the-second signals indicate things like the customer’s identity, location, current activity, physical situation (weather, traffic, etc.), purchase history, movement patterns, implicit and explicit intent signals, and social graphs.

Customers include: Macy's, Hearst, BMW, Lacoste, MasterCard, American Express, and USA Today.

Competitive Landscape: The mobile marketing space is a bit of a land grab at the moment. Big players such as Oracle, Adobe, IBM, and salesforce.com have all staked claims, while other startups include Intercom and JUICE Mobile.

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