by Peter Black

How to Bounce Back From a Job Disaster

Mar 29, 20132 mins
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An executive coach provides three tips for recovering from from an adverse, unexpected job change.

You may feel like this could only happen to you, but many IT pros have been there: Your jobs ends expectedly, leaving you to wonder how you can  bounce back after an adverse and unintended career change?

But you can recover and get back on track by following these three tips:

Always treat this as a business decision that your employer made about your role–not about you personally. This is as an opportunity to find another pathway to success.

Think about your networks and who could help you. Take the time to review your online profiles and posts (across all platforms) to be sure they accurately represent your personal brand. Accept any career transition coaching offered to you. Be consistently positive in your demeanor and language.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster, but that’s quite normal. Periodically take time off from the job-hunting process to do something you enjoy by yourself or with family and friends.

Explore something completely different career-wise, staying open to new locations, industries and roles. Perhaps starting your own business is an option? Consider going back to school, either short- or long-term, to update your skills and qualifications.

Never forget your achievements, experience and skills gained to date, and the contributions you’ve made to past employers, including the last one. Don’t isolate yourself from family, friends, old colleagues or even your old boss or HR manager–any of these people could play a role in helping you find your next opportunity.

Do not express any negative feelings about your company, boss or colleagues in public (especially on social networks); it reflects badly on you. Don’t rely exclusively on recruiters or applications for new jobs–you must actively market yourself and network for job leads.

Peter Black is a global executive coach based in Sydney, Australia. Contact him at

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