Technology That Took Us a Step Back

There are technologies that came out with good intentions but just plain annoy users. Here are a few.

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Bad technology

Recently Reddit asked if you could erase one discovery or invention, what would it be. Some of the non techie ones included: Land mines, leaded petrol, napalm, children's beauty pageants, one-ply toilet paper, glitter,  24 hour news networks and reality television. In this slideshow we pluck out a few techie-related ones. Add to the list in the comments section below.

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The "download" ads next to the real download link

These buttons are seemingly everywhere.

One commenter said: "Those should be illegal, it's misleading advertising and could trick someone into downloading a virus."


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Amazon Instant Video

Similar to the last suggestion: "Amazon Instant Video has a "purchase entire season" button right below the "watch now" button, and it instantly bills you when you click the button. The only way to disable it is to enable a parental control PIN. Do not use Amazon Instant Video when you are particularly inebriated, because you will accidentally buy Season 4 of Frasier."

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Electric charge

A commenter said: "Someone else would figure it out shortly afterwards and maybe, just maybe, they might label the electron as positive - simplifying electrical engineering forever."

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The "Seen"-function on Facebook

This girl is so bright eyed and ready to share her soul with you. But the privacy issues turns you against Facebook, telling them to just mind their own business. There is some debate about a workaround extension on Chrome called Facebook Unseen. The two commenters have mixed messages about this, one citing the reviews that don't paint a rosy picture.

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Pop-up ads

These ads are everywhere. Some are kind of pesky. Sure there are pop-up blockers, but there are instances where even they can block the "good" stuff. Such as we have found that some of these slideshows have stopped after two slides because of the blockers.

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Browser bars

In the same string as pop up ads came browser bar annoyances. One commenter left a terse comment when suggesting a technology that should never have been created: "Browser bars in general."

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Perhaps I did what Buzzfeed would have done after seeing this comment: "Sadly, [Buzzfeed] will probably do an article on this thread."

Another said Buzzfeed is "slowly ruining media with click bait."

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The hour glass and pinwheel

Almost like some trick from a hypnotist, when you see these two icons you feel less stressed about having to wait for your device to catch up with you. Then all of the sudden after waiting more than 30 seconds you snap out of it and am ready to chuck your machine across the room.

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