by Thor Olavsrud

Top 12 Security Slideshows of 2012

Dec 24, 20123 mins
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As 2012 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the security trends of the year with this look at the hottest security slideshows of 2012.

As the holidays approach and 2012 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on some of the most popular security slideshows of the year. Here are the 12 most-viewed security slideshows of 2012.

1. 10 Mobile Device Management Apps to Take Charge of BYOD

Managing devices in a BYOD environment is no mean feat, and the right mobile device management (MDM) product can be a key component in making it work. Here are 10 leading MDM products on the market today.

2. 12 Scams of Christmas and How to Avoid Them

‘Tis the season for online scams. Here are 12 of the most dangerous scams you’re likely to see this holiday season.

3. Anonymous, LulzSec, AntiSec, Etc.: A Brief History of Hacktivism

The hacktivist collective Anonymous began getting media attention in 2008 with its attacks on the Church of Scientology. Three years later, Anonymous and its many offshoots and associations, including LulzSec, AntiSec, TeamPoison and the Peoples Liberation Front, reached the pinnacle of their infamy with major attacks on powerful corporations and government agencies. Here, presents in pictures an abridged (and admittedly U.S.-centric) timeline of hacktivist activity.

4. The Most Mortifying Moments in IT Security History

From Lockheed Martin and HBGary Federal to the U.S. government and Cornell University, no one is immune to humiliating security glitches.

5. 20 Security and Privacy Apps for Androids and iPhones

Encrypted storage, malware scanners, missing-phone-finders and more: Here are 20 apps to help protect your smartphone, your privacy and your data.

6. 13 Security Myths

Security experts hammer on security ideas they say are just “myths.”

7. What’s Hot at RSA 2012

Here are highlights from RSA Conference 2012.

Social engineers, or “human hackers,” have been duping victims from the very beginning of human existence. Here are nine infamous con artists who made history with their scams and schemes.

9. 10 Fun (and Safe) Ways to Pretend to be a Hacker

Enjoy hacking, Hollywood-style, with these video games.

10. Hackers in the Limelight: Scenes From Black Hat 2012

The annual security fest featured thrills and chills as the pros did their best to make everyone feel afraid.

11. Who Holds IT Security Power?

From Apple, to Symantec and Anonymous, lots of people, companies and groups influence the IT security world.

12. Tablets With Serious Security for Business

These tablets have extra security features that will keep your work safe and your IT pros happy.

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