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CIO’s Strategic Guide to BYOD

Aug 08, 20121 min
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Download's ebook for advice about how to develop a BYOD program that empowers your employees while also protecting corporate interests. Key topics include the all-important policy document, the security and legal challenges of BYOD, and the hidden costs of mobile devices.

It may have started with some “digital natives” bringing their iPhones to the office, or, just as likely, with the CEO bringing in the iPad he got as a gift. Either way, CIOs have to determine how to deal with this “bring your own device” phenomenon, which means connecting employee-owned devices to the corporate network.

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Whereas CIOs historically have been control freaks-providing the specific devices that could get hooked up to the network-now they have to figure out how to say “Yes, but,” as in, “Yes you can hook that thing up, but here are the rules of the road.”

It’s time to figure out your policies about who owns and pays for what, and how to make sure corporate data isn’t compromised. This report, from the editors of, covers the key BYOD program issues, including security and legal challenges, as well how to write the all-important BYOD policy.

Download the Strategic Guide to BYOD