12 Must-See Devices for Fitness and Sports Enthusiasts

These 12 high-tech devices capture a variety of data about various fitness activities to help you up your game, stay fit, reduce the risk of injury or even just impress your friends.

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What’s Hot in Fitness and Sports Tech

Thanks to an expanding roster of new fitness and sports technologies you’ve never had fewer reasons to skip a workout. The 12 devices, mobile apps and sensors featured here do much of the digital heavy lifting for you — but the physical activity is still up to you, of course. Here’s a look at new technologies to help battle back those couch potato tendencies -- as well as two new products that offer assistance for the non-workout types.

1 smartmat
courtesy of SmartMat

SmartMat, Yoga and You

It's simple to improve your yoga poses by practicing on the SmartMat yoga mat. The mat initially calibrates some of your individual metrics after you complete a few basic poses. During your regular practice, the mat uses sensors to check alignment and lets you know if you're perched correctly in a pose. The SmartMat mobile app displays data on each pose, including whether or not you achieved optimal alignment and balance. It also provides ratings for each pose. SmartMat is available for preorder for $297.

3 connectedcycle
courtesy of Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle Captures Your Bike Ride Metrics

The Connected Cycle smart bicycle pedal is a one of a few ways to capture data from your bike rides. You simply replace your existing pedals with the Connected Cycle pedals to record the speed, route, incline and calories burned from your rides. The mobile app lets you view the metrics.The smart pedal is also a bike tracker; it tags the location of your bike and lets you know if it's been moved. Connected Cycle pedals are expected to become available soon.

5 lechal

Stay Fit and On Course With Lechal Insoles

Lechal smart insoles fit inside your shoes like a high-tech pair of Dr. Scholl's and collect data about your walks and help you navigate your route. Haptic technology makes the insoles vibrate to tell you when to turn right or left and when to keep walking straight. The Lechal mobile app receives information from your walks via Bluetooth, including calories burned, distance traveled, speed and duration. The app also displays a map of your route and your progress. Lechal insoles are available for preorder.

6 smartbasketball
courtesy of 96 Fifty

Smart Sensor Basketball Elevates Your Hoops Game

The 94 Fifty smart sensor basketball provides feedback on your form while you're on the court. The ball connects to a mobile app and shows the arc of your shots, as well as information on your dribble control. The app also has audio commands so you don't have to keep checking your phone. Four skill levels are available for drills, and the app logs your scores and performance as you use the ball. It's available for $179.95 on the company's Website.

7 fitnet
courtesy of Fitnet

Fitnet Is Your Remote Personal Trainer

The free Fitnet app lets you work out with a trainer from wherever you are. You can use the software to outline workouts and set up live streams between you and your trainer so they can provide feedback and scores. The livestream measures whether or not you're on track by checking to see if you're in sync with your trainer's moves. The app also helps you track workouts, set new goals and communicate with your trainer.

8 myvert
courtesy of MyVert

Big Ups With MyVert

Aimed at volleyball and basketball players, as well as other athletes concerned with their vertical leap, MyVert is a wearable device that measures how high you jump. You clip the device to your waistband to capture data on how high you jump and how many jumps you take. The mobile app lets you view the information to see the best jumps and your average height. An iPad version for coaches shows team statistics and rankings for individual players. The MyVert wearable costs $124.99, and it's available on the company's Website.

9 fitgard
courtesy of FitGuard

Monitor Possible Concussions With FitGuard

The FitGuard mouth guard is designed to help athletes and coaches monitor players' head injuries by detecting impact and lighting up when a serious hit that could cause a concussion occurs. The mouth guard lights up in three different colors that represent the severity of the hit. It connects to a mobile app and shows acceleration, impact of the hit and the athlete's weight, gender and age. FitGuard is expected to be available this spring.    

10 skulpt
courtesy of Skulpt

Skulpt Measures Body Metrics

You can measure your muscle quality and body-fat percentage by holding Skulpt, which is about the size of a business card, to a flat area on your arm, leg, back or stomach. The gadget pulsates and uses electric current to glean data from the muscles you measure. After it's captured a reading, the device tells you if your numbers are above or below average and sends the data to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Skulpt is available for iPhone and Android devices for $199 on the company's Website.

12 motionize
courtesy of Motionize

Motionize Sensor Tracks Rowing Progress

Motionize is another sensor that attaches to a variety of objects, such as a kayak paddle, to capture related metrics. The sensor measures stroke length, distance per stroke, speed, heart rate and more. Another component attaches to the front of the kayak and holds an iPhone so you can see the associated app while you row. The kayak attachment also has a Bluetooth speaker that can be used to deliver coaching cues to the rower, such as advice on stroke adjustment or paddle position. Motionize is available for preorder through the company's Website.

2 flykly
courtesy of FlyKly

FlyKly Boosts Your Bicycle

If you’re looking to get a little boost from technology, FlyKly is a bicycle-pedal-assist system that turns your bike into a partially electric cycle. You simply replace the back wheel of your bike with the FlyKly smart wheel and connect it to the associated mobile app. The smart wheel can propel riders at speeds of up to 16 miles-per-hour. The app measures distance, speed and battery level. A variety of FlyKly wheels, bikes and accessories are available on the company's Website.

4 actonrocketskates
courtesy of Acton

Take a Ride on Rocketskates

Acton's Rocketskates can take you for a futuristic ride. You tilt your dominant foot forward to propel yourself at speeds of up to 12 miles-per-hour, and you tilt back on your heels to slow down and break. The skates communicate with a mobile app to record your route, speed and distance traveled as well as monitor battery life. Acton also plans to launch a gamification feature that lets friends in nearby locations compete. The Rocketskates start at $499 and are available on the company's Website.


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