by Tom Kaneshige

Zombies Are Scary for Halloween, Scarier for Mobile IT

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Oct 08, 20131 min
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If you're talking about movies or Halloween costumes, zombies are scary fun. However, when the term for the undead refers to company-owned or BYOD mobile phones, CIOs are looking at the potential for frightening amounts of buried expenses.

It’s Halloween season, and that means zombies and other scary stuff. We’re talking about zombie-killing for a livin’, we’re talking about sharkin’ (a slightly altered quote from Jaws, one of the scariest movies of all time).

In tech speak, however, zombie phones (a term coined by Amtel, a mobile device management company) are scary in a different way. They are corporate-owned or BYOD phones thought to be deactivated yet these undead phones are still sucking dollars from the mobile budget.

It’s no joke, despite the corny intro. During an audit of mobile devices for a large multinational biotech company, Amtel discovered that 2 percent of mobile phones were zombie phones that were costing the company $70,000 annually.

Amtel revisited the zombie phone by crafting a Halloween-themed infographic. If you want your zombie fix, or you’re a CIO in need of a little scare, check it out:

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