by Tom Kaneshige

Americans Suffer Technology Overload, But We Want More

Oct 02, 20132 mins
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Workers say they are overwhelmed by information and worn down by technology. However, almost 60 percent of U.S. employees say they would wear technology if it made them more productive. Check out this infographic that highlights our love-hate relationship with tech.

One out of two Americans feel overloaded with work. Some say they’re swamped with the constant flow of information spewing out from every mobile, desktop and laptop computer screen. A few are getting a little tired of all the technology pouring into the workplace.

Have we reached gadget fatigue? Probably.

Nevertheless, workers are leaning on technology more than ever to get their jobs done, according to results from a Cornerstone OnDemand report, called The State of Workplace Productivity. On behalf of Conerstone OnDemand, consultancy Kelton surveyed 1,029 American workers, ages 18 and older, and found an overwhelmed workforce still emerging from one of the worst recessions in U.S. history.

The study found that the younger generation, the millennials, want new-fangled tech policies and the latest tech gear such as BYOD, smartphones, tablets and apps, at least more so than GenXers and Baby Boomers, because technology helps them get through the work day. Fifty-eight percent of all employees would even wear technology, if it helped them be more productive.

Here’s Cornerstone OnDemand’s infographic highlighting some of the findings:

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