Mobile Phone Etiquette ‘Game of Thrones’ Style

Check out this infographic about mobile phone etiquette based on ‘Game of Thrones.’ Don’t miss what these ‘House’ of people do with their device in ‘Game of Phones.'

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Ho! Here cometh Game of Thrones Season 5 next month. Mighty HBO, grant us the return of the Imp and dragons and Arya wielding her Needle made of castle-forged steel. Which pitiful characters shall meet their demise this year? Perhaps 'tis the bastard Jon Snow. Winter is coming! (Of course, my colleagues back east have had their share of it in the real world.)

What shall we do from now until then? Ride the hype, of course.

Workfront has come out with a Game of Thrones-themed infographic about, of all things, mobile phone etiquette. Yes, it's a bit of a stretch but entertaining nonetheless. There are "Houses" of people who do bad things with their phones, the most humorous being the House of Awkwardness, where people use their phones while sitting on their, um, private thrones.

Anyway, here's the Workfront infographic with stats about each mobile phone etiquette breach:

022015 game of phones final Workfront

(Click image to enlarge.)

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