How to install Android apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick and turn it into a Media Center

Build your own Netflix, Pandora at home without wasting the bandwidth on watching the same shows over and over again.

I bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick last year, even though I already had the Google Chromecast. While the Chromecast is plugged into the TV in the living room, the Fire TV Stick [ Find it on Amazon *What’s this?* ] is plugged into the TV in my office - for productivity reasons, of course.

Both devices have their pros and cons, Amazon certainly has more channels than Chromecast, however there was one area with which I struggled: Playing local content.

There can be many solutions to this problem, I am picking a solution that provides me with more flexibility and control.

The solution lies in a little known secret of Fire TV Stick (FTS). Similar to Android devices, there is a feature that allows users to install apps from 'unknown' sources. It doesn't require a super-geek knowledge of Linux.

These are the steps to take in order to extend the features of the Fire TV Stick:

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