by Thomas Wailgum

Fall Foliage 2.0

Oct 03, 20072 mins
Enterprise Applications

There’s nothing like viewing brilliant fall foliage colors at peak times, and three northern New England states are using online technologies as well as mobile-device alerts to keep leaf peepers in the know.

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have all created tourist-friendly sections of their websites that not only tell you when the foliage will be peak in each region of the state but will remind prospective peepers with e-mails and cell phone alerts. All three websites rely on computerized maps that use some combination of predictive, actual or historical data to show how each weekend is shaping up for those who want to trek to the area.

Of course, these being tourism sites, there are plenty of links to fall festivals and other places to spend your money, lodging information and other autumn-related fun stuff to do. Maine’s website has a very nice Kid’s page that provides historical facts, glossary information and links to video, and lets visitors interact with Maine Department of Conversation officials during the day.

Vermont’s site offers 20 scenic drives that can help you plan a scenic tour of the Green Mountain state as it turns to the Orange Mountain state. And New Hampshire’s site allows tourists to sign up for mobile alerts and also has lots of video clips of all the fall fun.

What is immediately noticeable about all of these state government websites is just how slick, clean and user-friendly they are. (It’s a far cry from some government sites of yesteryear.) Navigation is easy, and there’s lots of valuable stuff for users.

But perhaps the best news, by far, is that fall foliage experts are saying this season in New England is shaping up to be a great one.

-Thomas Wailgum