by Chris Potts

Information Systems versus Information Technology: How much do people care?

Sep 28, 20071 min
IT Leadership

A coffee shop debate yesterday: how much does anyone now care about the differences between IS and IT? It’s one thing for people like us to know the fundamental differences between Information Systems and Information Technologies, but how meaningful is this distinction for other people who see both subjects as largely abstract (non-IS/IT business executives, for example)? On the Cappuccino side of the table is the view that projects go off the rails because they focus on Technologies rather than Systems. If we could persuade people to focus on IS rather than IT, then projects would better deliver their true value. On the English Breakfast Tea side is the view that people have long-ago assumed that IS and IT are largely the same thing, so never mind we know the differences they’re not going to be interested. Better to find something else for people to now focus on that would result in more successful projects. In this question of core tactics, on which side of the table do you sit?