by Chris Moore

Where have all the BLOGGERS Gone

Sep 07, 20072 mins

I tried to post these comments to Meridith’s Blog entry (Twice) but it has not appeared, so I am submitting it as a post !

First let me say THANK YOU Meridith for asking the question, I too have seen “these” comments.  Comments that I believe do NOT contribute to a positive direction, and are more a reflection of a toxic personality. So lets talk about this issue. 

Second I have to say, besides REMI, where is everyone else on this issue, are all the regular bloggers and blog commentors off on vacation or tied up in meetings.

THIS IS OUR COMMUNITY so PEOPLE time to contribute……….


Meridith writes ” But I want to ask you what kinds of comments belong on Is it okay to leave sarcastic remarks about a CIO’s fashion sense? His or her personal hygiene? What about the CIO’s love life, particularly where it involves a co-worker? What should do when someone is attacked for their character or personal actions as opposed to their actions as an IT professional?”

Comments that are related to the topic of the blog should remain, people who have issues with fashion sense, hygiene, love life of  CIO’s or those referenced in a blog should keep their comments to themselves.  Better yet, they should find something positive to say.  What is that old saying we always quote to our kids “if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything”.  In addition to all of this these “Toxic Commentors” rarely login with their name, preferring to use anonymous.  I guess that gives them some sense of security, or maybe a thrill, commenting on their boss without being discovered.

So CIO.COM should not have to worry about removing these comments or keeping them, the people making these toxic comments should smarten up and do something positive with their time…. Hmm let me think what could they do.  They could volunteer to be a big brother or big sister, they could serve at their local homeless shelter, they could call that member of their family that they refuse to speak to and start to mend fences.

I believe that this should be self-regulating and that toxic people with comments that are not related to the matter at hand should not comment.