by Al Sacco

Colorado Man Has Plastic Surgery on Thumbs to Improve iPhone Typing

Aug 10, 20072 mins

A Colorado man has given new meaning to the term “BlackBerry thumb.”

Thomas Martel, a 28-year-old from Bonnie Brae, Colo., a suburb of Denver, recently underwent a new surgical procedure called “whittling” to reduce the size of his thumbs for more efficiency typing on his new Apple iPhone, according a report on

The procedure apparently involves shaving down the thumb bones through tiny incisions. The surrounding musculature and thumb nails are also carefully tweaked to fit the new thumb size, according to the report.

A Bandaged Thumb

From the article:

“From my old Treo, to my Blackberry, to this new iPhone, I had a hard time hitting the right buttons, and I always lost those little styluses,” Martel said. “Sure, the procedure was expensive, but when I think of all the time I save by being able to use modern handhelds so much faster, I really think the surgery will pay for itself in ten to fifteen years. And what it’s saving me in frustration – that’s priceless.” 

Priceless, indeed, Tommy.

I just can’t help but think how angry this guy is going to be fifteen years from now if phones and other mobile devices trend toward, say, voice activated interfaces or other such input methods that don’t discriminate against larger folks. And his thumbs must look downright silly… if this story is even factual.

Many of you have relationships with your handhelds that some—your significant others, perhaps—might consider unhealthy, or even obsessive.

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I’m a BlackBerry lover myself, and I can honestly say I would never go under the knife for a handheld. Would any of you seriously consider this type of surgery?