by David Rosenbaum

Make History! Win Prizes! What’s the Greatest IT Success?

Aug 01, 20072 mins

What’s the greatest IT success of the last 20 years?

Earlier this week, the Computing Technology Industry Association released the results of a poll to determine the most influential technology product. (Not the same thing, but close.)

Know what won?

Internet Explorer?


Was it because it’s so secure?

Because it muscled Navigator out of the marketplace in a show of Darwinian ruthlessness?

Because it works so much better than Firefox?

Because half the respondants work for Microsoft?

Who can say? But enough of that. We’re asking you to tell us what’s the greatest IT success?

Is it the ubiquity of the email that lets you keep in touch with friends and relatives you don’t really want to talk to, let alone see?

Is it the mobile technology that allows you to argue with your significant other while hurtling down the highway at 80 mph? (Hey! Idiot! Stay in your own lane!)

Is it automatic check-in at airports. (I love that, don’t you?)

Let us know—in 150 words or less—and you might be one of the five lucky (and talented) people who win an HP Photosmart R967 Digital Camera. and have their pearls of wisdom published in CIO’s Oct. 1 20th Anniversary issue.

Of course, in order to win, you’ve got to register. And it might be smart to read the rules. And don’t forget the “Worst IT Disasters” and the “Best IT Gadgets” in the Making History blog. We’re still looking for those too.

Have fun. Enter as often as you like.