by Al Sacco

Seattle Thieves Side with Blu-ray Camp in Next-Gen DVD Format War: Where Do You Stand?

Jul 26, 20072 mins
Enterprise Applications

A band of thieves broke into a music and video store in Seattle last weekend and stole its entire section of next-generation Blu-ray discs , according to a report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Apparently the crooks have sided with the Blu-ray camp in its war with the rival HD-DVD format, because they didn’t touch any HD-DVDs, according to Engadget.

Though the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray may not be on the top of IT executives’ minds, many are likely keeping an eye on both parties because of the sheer magnitude of what’s at stake. If Hollywood, like the Seattle robbers, sides with Blu-ray and not HD-DVD, the decision could have lasting effects on such IT heavies as Microsoft, Toshiba and Intel, which have expressed support of HD-DVD. If the movie industry goes the Blu-ray route, Sony, Dell and others will benefit.


Blu-ray had the lead through May, according to, with some 64 percent of the market, but both formats certainly have their advantages. For instance, HD-DVDs are often available in dual next-gen and standard DVD editions, so you can play them on your traditional DVD player or a new HD-DVD player. And Blu-ray discs are typically a bit cheaper than HD-DVDs; The Departed Blu-ray disc costs $23.95 on Amazon while the HD-DVD version costs $27.95. The most affordable players are probably Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which can be outfitted with an HD-DVD-player add-on, and Sony’s PlayStation 3, which plays Blu-ray discs. A 60GB version of PlayStation 3 sells for $499, and the core Xbox system is $300. The HD-DVD add-on goes for another $200.

I don’t currently own an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player, but I’m increasingly starting to side with Sony and Blu-ray.

Where do you stand? Do you own an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player? Why did you choose the format you did?

Perhaps you think a dual format player is the way to go. Or maybe you’re waiting for a winner to emerge before you take the plunge into next-generation DVDs. If so, will you rush out and buy a next-gen player as soon as a victor is named?