by David Rosenbaum

Make History! Win Prizes! What’s the Best IT Gadget?

Jul 24, 20072 mins

My favorite IT gadget?

It’s my mouse pad.

It’s a sweet little Persian rug.

Not very high tech, eh?

Not really a gadget, is it?

Whatever. It makes me happy every morning when I come to work.

What makes you happy? What IT gadget do you think is the best ever invented? What makes your life easier? What makes you more productive? What makes you glad you’re alive today, in a world that has such wonders in it?

Is it the iPod that lets you carry your files around while listening to Journey on your journeys?

Is it your portable USB hard drive? Your wireless mouse? That cute keychain thumb drive that sends shivers down your CSO’s spine?

Let us know—in 150 words or less—and you might be one of the five lucky (and talented) people who win an HP Photosmart R967 Digital Camera. and have their pearls of wisdom published in CIO’s Oct. 1 20th Anniversary issue.

Of course, in order to win, you’ve got to register. And it might be smart to read the rules. And don’t forget the “Worst IT Disasters” in last week’s Making History blog. We’re still looking for those too.

Have fun. Enter once. Enter twice. Enter as many times as you like.