by Chris Moore

Can a blog change the world ?

Jul 20, 20073 mins

By way of this blog entry, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Moore. I’m the CIO for the city of Brampton, Ontario. In May of this year, I started blogging on CIO.COM, commenting on other peoples’ blogs, making connections and getting involved in the community. My weekly blog entries have been and will continue to be about real-life situations that I encounter in my personal and professional life. I have been very fortunate to develop expertise in the areas of individual and organizational leadership, employee recognition, coaching/mentoring and relationship management. I am looking forward to writing about these and other related topics as I “do life”. I draw on my 24+ years in both the private sector (energy & consulting) and public sector (municipal government), with 6 years as CIO in Brampton. I have also greatly benefited from the countless people around me, including the people in my community that I rely on for insight and wisdom. Community is very important to me. Without community we are alone, and I would rather be with people—people who are like me or who are different, who support me and challenge me, who help me and whom I help—than be on my own. This article marks a new era for me in this CIO.COM community. I am making a commitment to blog once a week (possibly more) and to comment on other people’s posts. More importantly, I’m committing to be an active member of the CIO community and to participate in the online lives of IT professionals around the globe. We all have an opportunity to make a difference in the world and in each others’ lives, and this online community provides us with a platform for doing so. We can advise one another, share experiences and exchanges best practices and lessons learned. What would you like to know about or learn from me? For most of you, I am just another voice on the web. The decision to listen to me or ignore me is up to you, but I do hope you’ll read my and others’ work, ask questions, seek answers and dig deep. For those commenting and giving advice, draw from your knowledge and experience, be open and frank in your comments, and deliver it in a way that encourages people to move forward. Speaking of encouragement, I encourage

each of us to be vulnerable. Don’t build a bubble around yourself. Be real. I promise to be. If we all share our life experiences with each other in a way that guides and directs, we can really make a difference. Come on: It’s time to “Do Community.”