by Chris Moore

What ever happened to Patience?

Jul 03, 20073 mins

Have we become so self centered a society that we believe we are the only ones in the world? I am sure you experience the same thing I do on a daily basis, the outcomes of a society that has stopped practicing patience. It is definitely not something that changed overnight; it is something that has disintegrated slowly overtime. Why are we so quick to honk our horn at the person in front of us if they do not launch with “Drag Race” car techniques from the light when it changes from Red to Green. Why do we not let that person with ONE item in front of us at the supermarket? Are we so focused on our own wants and desires that we are not prepared to execute one selfless act per day. When you open a door on your way to work do you step aside and let the person BEHIND you go first. Do you hold the elevator door open for that person rushing to catch it, OR, do you push the door close button so you don’t run the risk of being delayed by this person…. Are you in that much of a hurry that you can’t WAIT? What if we all started making a difference? What if we choose to impact the world around us? We are all looking for more out of life, what if we all started giving more to each other in this way. Now I realize that many of you already put others first, you DO have patience, I applaud you and thank you for what you do in your “world” to make a difference. WHAT IF……….. What if each one of us did ONE thing each day for the next week. What if we decided to make a difference, take a little time out of your busy day, hold a door, “Don’t HONK” let someone go before you at the market. To really have an impact on those around you your acts need to be something that requires patience on your part. WHY, because developing patience develops character, and character builds a desire to make a change – sustainability ! So on your way home today, as you rush for your car, the train or the bus, look for an opportunity to hold a door open for someone coming behind you, someone who has their

hands full, or someone in a HUGE rush. Or you can look for an opportunity to make space for someone as they try and merge into traffic in front of you, wave them in, give them a smile, what is it really going to cost you? Practice patience, practice random acts of kindness – start a trend. CHANGE YOUR WORLD! It’s You and I and ALL OF US.